A Quick Review Of Prince Amukamara’s Reddit AMA

Posted: August 13, 2014 in Football, Giants, Sports
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via Reddit (duh)

So Giants defensive back Prince Amukamara did a Reddit AMA yesterday.  Being that I hardly know the guy, I was hoping that the AMA would give me an idea of ol’ Princey Poo’s personality before the Giants decide to lock him up to a long-term contract.  Onto the questions.


Wrong answer, Prince.  I want my team’s players to WANT to be on Hard Knocks, but the coaches and front office to do everything in their power to have the team avoid Hard Knocks and the distractions that would clearly come from it.  


Even wronger answer, Prince.  Calvin Johnson is a ten foot tall freak that is aptly named after a robotic supervillain.  You are an undersized defensive back with T-Rex arms.  No one wants to see you go up against him, except Lions fans and Calvin Johnson fantasy owners.


I guess I understand the idea behind Prince’s answer, but by that logic my name would be Big, White, Middle Class Idiot.


I like the pick but LOVE the conviction with the exclamation mark.


Prince acknowledges the tough question and just gives the quarterback’s name.  Riveting stuff, here.


I know players should want to play the best, be scared of no one, blah blah blah.  But you cannot unsee the carnage of the beating the Seahawks put on the Giants last year.  And that was IN New Jersey.  As much as I don’t want to believe it to be true, I am absolutely frightened of this game.  


So is the situation either you are a millionaire with a Super Bowl ring or a billionaire without a Super Bowl ring?  I don’t get that answer one bit.


Do you think they call him Eli Dice Clay at camp?  Dude is probably the most vicious and crude comedian behind closed doors.  And I bet he can tell the best Aristocrats joke of all-time.


Duh.  Everyone knows Eli is a barrel of laughs, Grammys, and Super Bowl rings.


I think I hate Prince.  The only two video games that prove your worth as a man are Madden and Mario Kart.


Uh oh, the wheels are starting to come off.


Okay, I loathe Prince Amukamara.


Unless the reason was because he saw her boobs up close and personal, I hate Prince Amukamara more than any other player in the NFL.

Verdict: I hate Prince Amukamara, but somehow love Eli Manning more than I did before this AMA.

PS- These prices cannot be correct.  They must be thinking about Prince the singer, right?




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