Your Annual Reminder That Steve Smith Is Still The Baddest Man On The Planet

Posted: August 15, 2014 in Football, Sports
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smitty2 Steve Smith may have lost half a step over the years, but we would never say that to his face. That’s because his mouth still remains undefeated.

“When I look in the defensive meeting room and I see, ‘Play like a Raven,’ ‘Baltimore Ravens: We build bullies,’ that’s what I’m talking about,” Smith told CSN Baltimore. That’s one reason why he believes he’s a perfect fit in Baltimore.

“When I think of a Baltimore Raven, what I think of is you go in there, we take your lunch box, we take your sandwich, we take your juice box, we take your applesauce and we take your spork and we break it. And we leave you with an empty lunch. That’s the Baltimore Raven way, that’s the bully way and that’s football.”

God I love 8-9.  An undersized receiver with an oversized Napoleonic complex that beats up his teammates whenever he feels like it.  Taking the lunch box, juice box, and applesauce is one thing.  But breaking the spork is just senseless violence.  And that’s how Stevey Smiff rolls.  Oh yeah, and he rocks a jersey with Sr. on it.  Steve Smith.  Grown ass man.


PS- Remember when people started calling 8-9 “The Other Steve Smith” when the Giants Steve Smith became a Pro Bowler?  We can all agree that 8-9 beat the shit out of Giants Steve Smith and told him to be quiet or else he would finish the job, right?  God I fucking love Steve Smith.


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