Linda Cohn Gets Cut From Coin Machine At Ice Rink. More Importantly, Still Has “It”

Posted: August 21, 2014 in Sports
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NY Daily News-  An ESPN anchor has filed suit against an upstate hockey arena after a promotional appearance there went bad.

“Listen Closely” host Linda Cohn — a former goalie at SUNY Oswego — was at the Brewster Ice Arena in March to face off against the AHL’s Hartford Wolf Pack when she says she suffered “severe and disabling injuries” in what the team described as a “freak accident.”

The accident took place off ice, when “a heavy, large coin change machine fell upon her,” her Manhattan federal court suit says.

In a post on her page in March, she said “some kids paying in (the) arcade” were responsible” for the crash, which left her with a gash in her arm that required 25 stitches to close.

The Hartford Courant reported at the time that Cohn, 54, was confident she’d be back on the ice quickly.

First of all, I take great offense to the Daily News calling Brewster “upstate”.  As a resident of a nearby town, I don’t get down with the upstate moniker.  Dutchess County is the border for upstate.  Brewster is basically Westchester County, which is the county that Yonkers is in.

Okay, now that the geography lesson is over, let’s talk about Linda Cohn.  How do you get into a situation where a large coin machine can cut you?  Was she trying to get some quarters to try her hand at Ms. Pac-Man?  If so, I can’t blame her.  The rush I get from a good Ms. Pac-Man game is probably the same rush that Danny Ocean got from knocking over Terry Benedict’s casinos.  But that being said, a coin machine is one of the most ludicrous things in the world that can injure you.

And what exactly is a “disabling” injury for a SportsCenter anchor?  You sit behind a desk all day and throw it to clueless ex-players and rambling columnists.  A disabling injury would be growing a brain and realizing you are above the drivel that is ESPN’s flagship show.  Hating on ESPN is cliche now, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun.

However, I will say this.  Linda Cohn is still bringing the HEAT after all these years.  Horseface killah?  Sure.  But she is still as sexy as she ever was, especially with those F ME boots.  Linda Cohn was always kind of an acquired taste.  She had her good days and her bad days.  But to still throw in the mid-80s at the age of 54 is impressive, no matter who you are.

PS- Being a goalie and a sports anchor means Linda Cohn is one of the coolest chicks of all-time, right?  I would rather hang out with her more than some of my guy friends, and that has nothing to do with her ageless body.  I didn’t think I would fall in love with Linda Cohn when I woke up this morning.  But that’s the way love goes (that’s a Janet Jackson line).

h/t Ding

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