Great British Actor AKA World’s Worst Fictional Grandpa Died Yesterday

Posted: August 25, 2014 in Movies, Uncategorized
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New York Times- Richard Attenborough, a distinguished stage and film actor in Britain who reinvented himself to become the internationally admired director of the epic “Gandhi” and other films, died on Sunday. He was 90. His death was confirmed by his son, Michael, according to the BBC. 

Years later Mr. Attenborough became known to a new generation of filmgoers as the wealthy head of a genetic engineering company whose cloned dinosaurs run amok in Steven Spielberg’s box office hit “Jurassic Park.” But for most of Mr. Attenborough’s later career, his acting was sporadic while he devoted much of his time to directing.

I hate to break it to the New York Times, but this guy is John Hammond, CEO of Jurassic Park to everyone in the entire world.  Don’t talk to me about what directing he did or any of the plays he starred in.  He is the neglectful grandfather that almost allowed two of his grandkids to be turned into T-Rex shit.  I will give you 10 million Schrutebucks if he doesn’t still have the cane with the mosquito in it.  And I also believe that we are 5 years away from cloning dinosaurs using the exact same method they used in the movie.  It’s basic science, folks.

So for one last time, lets play one of the most the best movie songs of all-time.  RIP Mr. Hammond Attenborough.


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