Asians Gonna Asian. Japan Unveils Mock Pizza Hut Run By Cats

Posted: August 27, 2014 in Crazy News, Uncategorized
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Food Beast-  Cats are the animal equivalent of grumpy teens working summer jobs — disinterested, lethargic, perpetually annoyed. Just ask Tencho, Hime, Dora, and Detch, the four newest cat employees for Pizza Hut Japan.

Part of the brand’s newest video campaign, Pizza Cat! is a completely fictional Pizza Hut location “run” entirely by cats. Run used only loosely of course, since the cat’s don’t ever really work. Instead, they sleep through alarms, stare at ringing telephones, claw at delivery bikes, and literally ride roombas all around the store.

Along with a video series highlighting the cats’ daily shenanigans, Pizza Cat! also got its own nifty website detailing the cats even further. There’s even a little disclaimer stating that if your pizza doesn’t arrive, it’s simply because the cats lost their motivation, please excuse them.

Another day, another bunch of wacky Asian commercials.  I am done trying to crack the code of why Japanese people love strange stuff and instead just bask on the glory of their weirdness.  At least if it was a funny commercial I could get behind it.  Maybe there is LSD in the drinking water.  Or years of eating uncooked fish.  I don’t know why they do what they do.  But I know that I freaking love it.

h/t Ballow


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