When The Human Race Finally Falls, The Invention Of The Selfie Brush Will Be Seen As The Beginning Of The End

Posted: September 10, 2014 in Technology, Uncategorized
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A big, hearty fuck you to the people who created this.  I am sure part of the reason they made the Selfie Brush was to get a rise out of old-school squares like myself.  Well, mission accomplished.  Because the word selfie and everything it stands for grinds the living shit out of my gears.  Apparently the iPhone 6 will not fit in the brush, so score on for the good guys.  I hope that there is a defect that leads to a ton of broken screens across America.

P.S. The last time I saw something this ridiculous was when the Shake Weight was announced.  And they went on to sell about a billion* of those handjob practice machines.  So while I may hate the idea of the Selfie Brush, I love the idea of being a millionaire.  So hats off to the inventors on likely getting rich beyond my wildest dreams.  And may Satan take no mercy on you for what you have brought into this world.

*All numbers estimated.


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