Game of Leagues: Sports Leagues And The Game Of Thrones Families They Represent

Posted: September 15, 2014 in Football, Game of thrones, Sports, TV
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After a week of great news and uplifting stories, I figured the only place scarier than the sports world is the world in George R.R. Martin’s twisted mind.  So here is my list of sports leagues and the Houses of Westeros that they represent.

***Spoilers ahead if you are not caught up on Game of Thrones***


House Lannister = The NFL.  Both are the richest and most powerful entities on this list.  But damn, they are some grimy sons of bitches when they want to be.  They can turn a blind eye towards ethics whenever it is fitting and will do almost anything to expand their empire.


House Baratheon = Major League Baseball.  Not that long ago, both were the kings of the world.  But now they are the king/past time in title only and are just background noise for the NFL/Lannisters.


House Targayen = The NBA.  Ruled the entire landscape once upon a time when they had the power.  They have slipped considerably since those days, but appear on the comeback trail.  Both have a leader that is seen as progressive and both have no tolerance for bigotry.  This is the part of the blog where I compare to once having Michael, Magic, and Larry in your league to owning dragons.  And of course the NBA on NBC song, which was probably the biggest game changer in the history of game changers.  In fact, it begs me to raise the question: Which is a better theme song, Game of Thrones or NBA on NBC?


House Stark = The NHL.  An honorable sport/family that loves winter and constantly has bad stuff happen to them.  If everything was fair and equal, they would rule the world.  But life isn’t fair.


House Martell = FIFA.  Both seem really cool and interesting, but after a while you realize it’s just a bunch of European hogwash.  After comparing the Martells to soccer, I am kind of happy Oberyn had his head crushed like a grape.


The slave owners of Essos = The NCAA.  Instead of going in depth on this, I will just let South Park tell it like it is.


The Night’s Watch = Boxing Commissions.  A once proud organization that is now run by a bunch of anonymous crooks, except for the moody pretty boy that is currently the face of the franchise.

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