The How I Met Your Mother Alternate Ending Has Been Released And It Is Roughly 1 Million Times Better Than The Original Ending

Posted: September 15, 2014 in TV, Uncategorized
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Last Forever Part One

***Spoilers follow if you didn’t watch the finale for How I Met Your Mother (Duh)***

Original Ending:

Alternate Ending:

How do you end a fun, light-hearted show that had you root for the underdog main character, despite his annoying tendencies?  Kill his wife of course!  I hated the living shit out of the original ending after I saw it and now refuse to watch old episodes of the show because of it.  In the words of Mike Franecsa “what an uttah, uttah disastuh”.

That being said, the alternate ending was basically perfect.  It recapped some of the fun moments from the earlier seasons and made you feel like Ted Evelyn Mosby went through all that crap for a reason.  And when the credits come on for one last time, you are smiling as you reminisce about all the fun times you spent with those characters instead of wondering why you just wasted 9 years of your life following a show that would end so grimly.

Finally, am I crazy to think that the alternate ending was one of the best endings of all-time?  Like I said earlier, it wraps up some of the best moments into one little package and leaves you smiling.  That is more than you can say for a lot of other sitcoms.


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