Marshawn Lynch Turning His Super Bowl Ring Into A Pinky Ring Is A Pure, Uncut Beast Mode Move

Posted: September 16, 2014 in Football, Sports
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You may not have noticed it during the first 500,000 viewings of the Xbox One NFL commercial, but it looks like Marshawn Lynch decided to turn his Super Bowl ring a pinky ring.  This is just a reminder that Marshawn Lynch is a complete space cadet and should be cherished as long as he is around.

I don’t think I properly appreciated Manny Ramirez when he was in his “I am super crazy and super talented so I can now do weird shit and get away with it” phase.  And this is coming from a guy who has the Johnny Damon cutoff in his Top 10 favorite baseball plays ever.  The pinky ring statement is ever so subtle but still 100% pimp.

TL; DR- Marshawn is just about that pinky ring, boss.


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