Mets Try To Pull A Quick One, Change Logo By Replacing The UN Headquarters With The Citi Building

Posted: September 16, 2014 in Baseball, Mets, Sports
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Solid work by the Wilpons trying to sneak this one under the radar right after Scandal Week.  Nothing says corporate greed like replacing the symbol for world unity with a building that is the headquarters for the bank that sponsors your stadium.

But if we are being honest, I am not outraged in the least.  I imagine that Citi is paying a pretty penny for the Mets to whore out their logo.  And while there is a 99.9999999% chance that the Wilpons are pocketing all of the Citi money, if by some miracle they decide to use any of it on a big bat, I will be happy.  In fact, I would be in favor in disbanding the UN altogether if it meant that I could watch Tulo play 100 games before his annual season-ending injury.

Finally, what kind of sick Rain Man noticed that they changed the logo?  Even with the yellow box, it took me a few seconds to actually see the difference.  Internet watchdogs, man.  Your ass is never safe.

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