The Apparently Kid Apparently Has His Own Commercial, May Also Be Rob Ford’s Son

Posted: September 16, 2014 in Uncategorized, Youtube
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I usually hate it when Youtube celebrities are able to “own” and monetize their gimmick.  It’s like when the machines becomes self-aware in the Terminator movies.  But I also think this kid has the chance to be the evolutionary Rob Ford.  I mean just look at this gif.


In fact, this kid looks and acts like he can be actually be Rob Ford’s (probably illegitimate) son.  Who knows what The People’s Mayor was doing during his crack-induced highs.  In fact, I am going to believe that this is Rob Ford’s kid until a licensed doctor tells me otherwise.  From the clumsy delivery to the charm that jumps off the screen, this kid is Rob Ford Jr.  With the amount of ginger minge floating around the Great White North, Rob Ford has clearly sired one of the biggest Youtube sensations of 2014.


h/t Cullen for the link

  1. Pattikkus says:

    Kid has like 5 more minutes of fame left then I’m fucking done with him. He’s still pretty funny though… For now

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