John Starks Admits Biggie’s Knick Story From “I Got A Story To Tell” Is True, But Denies That He Is The Knick Mentioned In The Song. I Try To Crack The Case

Posted: September 17, 2014 in Basketball, Knicks, Sports
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For those of you who don’t know the song, reddit user the_one_who_waits does a great job explaining Biggie’s story:

Here’s the story he tells in the song:

He meets a girl, they talk for a while, she invites him to her place, they start to hook up, things go all the way, her man comes home half way through. They start to flip out and panic, biggie knows her man plays for the Knicks and would probably whoop his ass.

So to escape the situation, the girl yells an asks for something to drink, and while the Knicks player fixes it up for her, biggie gets dressed and puts on something to cover his face, grabs the gun that is stashed in the room (which belongs to the Knicks player), and acts like he is raping/robbing the Knicks players wife. When the Knicks player enters the room, biggie turns the gun on him and he begs for his life. He gives biggie about $100,000 cash and sends him on his way.

After the Delonte West basically came clean about sleeping with Gloria James, this was another long-standing NBA rumor that has finally (or at least mostly) been admitted to being true. ¬†While I believe Starks when he says that the story happened, I am still not 100% convinced that he wasn’t the Knick mentioned in the song. ¬†You can tell he was taken aback when they first asked him the question, and poor Johnny Boy isn’t known¬†for being at his best when the pressure is on.¬† As annoying as Dan LeBatard and Bomani Jones can be, I give them credit for cutting through the bullshit and trying to get the name of the Knick. ¬†“The camera isn’t rolling” is the oldest trick in the book. ¬†Respect.

Anyway, I threw on my Rust Cohle suit and¬†have been trying to piece together who the Knick in question was if Starks’ alibi checks out. ¬†Doug Christie, Hubert Davis, Derek Harper, Allan Houston, Anthony Mason, and Larry Johnson all fit the height range for players on the Knicks from 1995-1997. ¬†I’ll take a stab at cracking the case, since my life revolved around Biggie and the Knicks in the 90s.


Doug Christie: 20/1 odds.¬†This one actually would make some sense. ¬†Christie has a very weird relationship with his wife, which would probably be the case if you were traumatized by a giant rapper way back when. ¬†I’m talking more trust issues than an entire strip club. ¬†But there is no chance Doug Christie ever had $100,000 cash just laying around during his first run with the Knicks, so he isn’t a prime suspect.


Hubert Davis: 15/1 odds. Hubert Davis definitely seems like the kind of guy who would be completely shook if he walked in on Biggie banging his girlfriend (though to be fair, we would all be shook if we unsuspectingly saw Christopher Wallace naked in our bedroom).  A finesse three-point shooter definitely strikes me as someone who would pay out the nose when there is a gun in his face.  However, I believe Hubert was still on his rookie contract back then, making $100,000 in cash tough to come by.  But he had to be making more many than Christie.  Davis is not the favorite, but there is enough smoke for there to be a fire.


Derek Harper: 50/1 odds. Derek Harper is my 2nd-favorite Knick (behind the Oak Man) of all-time, so I refuse to slander his good name here.  However he does fit the size description and would have had enough straight cash homey to get the deal done.  Move along, nothing to see here.


Allan Houston: 25/1 odds.¬†Allan Houston signed with the Knicks in July of 1996, making it hard for all these events to go down and be put on vinyl in such a short amount of time. ¬†Plus Houston has always seemed to be a pretty quiet family man, not that those guys don’t cheat while living the NBA lifestyle. ¬†But this one just seems far-fetched to me.


Larry Johnson: 30/1 odds. Like Houston,¬†Grandmama didn’t join the Knicks until the summer of 1996, making it tough for Biggie to make a story, make a song about said story, and then get it on the album before it’s March 1997 release date. ¬†After signing his NBA and Converse contracts, LJ definitely has had $100,000 cash lying around multiple times in his life. ¬†However, Johnson also went to school at UNLV and probably knows enough shady characters to have¬†turned the tables on Biggie before long. ¬†Basically what I am saying is if LJ was the player that was robbed in the song, he likely¬†was part of the conspiracy that lead to Biggie getting killed. ¬†If this is all true, we cracked two cases today. ¬†Great work, everybody (we probably didn’t solve shit, though).


Anthony Mason: 100/1 odds.¬†I would say that it was much more likely that Mase fooled around with one of Biggie’s chicks and stuck up B.I.G. up for $100K instead of the other way around.


John Starks: 3/1 odds. ¬†I don’t care what the video above said, John Starks is still our main suspect here. ¬†He is like the spaghetti monster from True Detective (spoiler alert). ¬†The answer is right in front of our faces and we continue to look in other places. ¬†Biggie was making flowers with John Starks’ sidepiece and I will just wait here patiently until the guilty parties come forward.

If you want to listen to the song yourself, here it is in all its glory.  While you are at it, I recommend listening to the entire Life After Death album because Biggie is/was/forever will be the fucking king.

Finally, even though the logo at the top of this post makes almost no sense and I hate 70% of the people who live in Brooklyn, I am pretty sure that I NEEEEEEED to buy a Brooklyn Notorious shirt.

TL;DR- John Stark was probably inceptioned by someone and admitted that the Biggie “I Got A Story To Tell” story was true but said he wasn’t the Knick in question. ¬†No one believes him. I am also basically the Rust Cohle of bloggers (pre deep cover Rust Cohle that is. I am not nearly that badass).

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