It’s Been 8 Years Since The Mets Clinched The National League East. In Related News, Kill Me

Posted: September 18, 2014 in Baseball, Mets, Sports
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I was in Shea Stadium the night the Mets clinched the 2006 NL East and it feels like it happened roughly a million years ago, not six.  I guess two of the most painful collapses in sports history followed by six years of completely forgettable baseball will do that to you.

I ended up getting incredible field level seats from my work the night they clinched and was celebrating with all the other Mets fans that stuck around to watch the celebration.  I could smell the cigars and see Jose Reyes have Corona fights with other members of the team.  I was envisioning how Citi Field would be the home to a Mets dynasty built on the shoulders of Reyes and Wright.  I just wish I could speak to the 2006 me.  Even for just a minute.


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