The Advertising Mascot Death Match Tournament: Final Four

Posted: September 19, 2014 in Deathmatch Tournament, Uncategorized
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Brand Mascot Deathmatch

We move into Round 3 of the mascot death match tournament.  I have included the CBS March Madness song as inspiration in case you want to listen to something as you make your picks.  It is just like picking your college hoops bracket, except Dick Vitale isn’t on TV yelling at you.  Onto the matchups!


  1. Seeding and opening matchups are drawn at random.
  2. Each matchup is a fight to the death.
  3. Competitors are allowed to bring any item that is generally associated with them.  Example: Batman would have all his gadgets, Link would have his sword, Indiana Jones would have a whip, etc.  The items the fighters have will be noted in the blog.
  4. Tie-breakers are decided by a coin flip.

Round 2


Mayhem vs. Joe Camel

Tale of the Tape:

Can Mayhem be killed?  Can he even be injured?  He put an absolute beatdown on Mr. Clean, while Joe Camel did the same to the Geico Caveman.  So we have a battle between a badass insurance salesman and a terrifying man-sized camel that is in the game of slinging cancer sticks.  Who ya got?


Burger King vs. Little Caesar

Tale of the Tape:

On the other side of the bracket, we have two titans of the food industry.  The Burger King was able to handily defeat the Gorton’s Fisherman while Little Caesar limps into the matchup after barely escaping his fight with the Nesquik Rabbit.  For arguments sake, we will say Little Caesar’s spear is missing it’s spearhead after the brawl against the bunny.

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