The Giants Kill Whatever Was Left Of The Redskins After South Park

Posted: September 26, 2014 in Football, Giants, Sports
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Well that was just awesome.  A New York sports legend that everyone counted out the last few months turned back the clock tonight and gave a vintage performance.  But enough about Eli Manning.  The entire Giants team brought the wood tonight in Washington and thoroughly dominated a seemingly good team for the second straight week.

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Tonight’s Game Ball Goes To: Larry Donnell


There are plenty of game balls to go around tonight.  But I would be remiss if I didn’t give THE game ball to Larry Donnell.  Martellus Bennett was once nicknamed the Black Unicorn, which was a name that I held near and dear to my heart.  So when I dubbed Larry Donnell as the Black Voltron, it came from a place of love and amazement for his talent.  Donnell became a household name in all fantasy football leagues tonight, going for three touchdowns and 54 yards in a game that was over by the beginning of the 4th quarter.  Jimmy Graham?  Megatron?  Tony Gonzalez?  Those are mere stepping stones for what Larry Donnell is going to become.  From little regarded tight end to absolute monster.  #BlackVoltron has formed.


Speaking of little regarded tight ends, Eli does it again, huh?  Whether it was Kevin Boss coming out of nowhere after Jeremy Shockey’s injury, Jake Ballard evolving into a decent threat in the passing game, and now Larry Donnell becoming a cult 80’s cartoon hero, our awww shucks quarterback makes more stars than Jack Horner.  In related news, Brandon Myers must have really sucked.  If you can’t put up decent numbers as a starting tight end for the New York Football Giants, the problem is you.

Also, this is the second game in a row that Eli’s completion percentage was greater than 70%.  It looks like the baby of the Manning Football Dynasty will be cooking up thousands of plates of crow for all the haters who questioned the goal of Eli throwing 70% for an entire season.  Damn the passing game looked sharp tonight.  Eli went 28/39 for 300 yards and 4 passing TDs (to go with 1 rushing TD).  And a bunch of those incompletions were dropped passes, which has to make any Giants fan feel good.  Ben McAdoo just may be onto something with this scheme.

Finally, I loved Eli breaking down his rushing TD with Deion and the boys after the game.  What a big, dumb, lovable bastard.

As for the rest of the offense, it all starts up front.  The Giants were able to keep Eli upright and blocked for nice runs on the ground.  Jennings and Williams both looked pretty good, with the latter representing Ahmad Bradshaw’s 44 with some helmet rattling hits on defenders. The wide receivers looked pretty good as well.  Victor Cruz got over an early drop to play well and Rueben Randle was dancing his way to extra yards all night.  They eased my worries and getting ODB back into the lineup next week (please God), we should have a ton of weapons at Eli’s disposal.

Grade: A+. Just a beatdown from beginning to end.  The only negative (Eli’s interception in the end zone) was a play that coulda/shoulda/woulda been a touchdown. 


The defense played well with the lead, picking off Kirk Cousins 4 times, ensuring that RG III will have a chance to win his job back some day.  Alfred Morris did pretty well running the ball, but he is one of the most underrated players in the NFL.  The Giants were able to force picks and fumbles with their pressure, which is a great omen going forward.

Grade: B+. They didn’t shut the door until the end of the 3rd quarter, but they played well with the lead and kept the game as a 2+ score game for almost the entire night.  But all in all, very happy.

Special Teams:

The special teams played well.  The kicking coverage gave up almost nothing, the Giants one field goal went off without a hitch and Preston Parker showed some life with a 34 yard kickoff return.  If you don’t have to talk about special teams the next day, it is usually a good thing.

Grade: A. 16 total return yards when you score 45 points is a good thing.  It means your kickoffs aren’t being returned and neither are the few punts you have.  

Unsung Hero: Me.

Manningface of the Game:


Next Week:

So now Big Blue has 10 days to rest up and prepare to face the Falcons in MetLife Stadium.  We owe them a beatdown after last year’s mollywhopping in the Dirty Dirty.  So let’s get healthy and unleash hell.  Here is to a weekend of carefree fantasy football and Red Zone Channel!



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