The Suitsy (AKA The Suit Onesie For Men) Could Make Cubicle Life 1% Less Soul-Crushing

Posted: September 26, 2014 in Random Thoughts
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BetaBrand- Jesse Herzog explains his debut Think Tank concept:

Welcome to a revolution in apparel for the modern gentleman. Imagine looking professional but feeling like you’re in pajamas. Consider wearing a suit and a onesie at the same time. Welcome to the Suitsy.

The Suitsy is a jacket connected to a shirt connected to pants. A zipper is hidden behind the shirt-button placket (with false buttons) and pants zipper. Fake shirt-cuff material extends from the end of the jacket sleeves to give the impression of a complete dress shirt worn underneath. It’s as if a jumpsuit and a business suit had a lovechild.

Let’s change the world, one better-looking, more leisurely gentleman at a time!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA!  A huge chunk of the reason I refuse to become a corporate drone is that I never wanted to dress the part.  I am the guy who complains about wearing a suit no matter how important or serious an event is.  The minute I get home from an outing that requires a suit, I immediately peel it off and throw on some shorts and a t-shirt.

But the Suitsy is an absolute game-changer.  Now when you get home from work, you have no reason to change.  Because the Suitsy is probably the most comfortable thing in your wardrobe.  You can now go from being the pseudo slob at the bar to the kind of overdressed guy that a chick may actually want to bang.  And your asshole boss that is always miserable because he is uncomfortable in suits?  He is now semi-tolerable if he is free balling it in a Suitsy.  Everybody wins.

Now I know what you are thinking.  “Clem, the guy who is selling the Suitsy looks like an absolute tool”.  I hear that and I agree with you.  But I am sure that the people who invented fantasy football and video games aren’t GQ models.  This is just another example of not judging a book by it’s cover author.

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