I Need A Mini Museum And I Needed It Yesterday

Posted: November 3, 2014 in Random Thoughts
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Christmas is around the corner and your ol’ blogging pal Clem sure would sure love a Mini Museum.  For those of you that didn’t want to look at the picture above, the Mini Museum is “a portable collection of curiosities where every item is authentic, iconic, and labeled.”  As someone who grew up collecting baseball cards, I have become accustomed trying to chase down a bunch of bullshit that is rare and hard to find.  But the Mini Museum isn’t a Jose Canseco rookie card or a Kobe Bryant refractor.  It has stuff that is actually historically important.  Dinosaur eggs?  A piece of the Titanic?  A metorite from Mars?  Legitimately awesome shit.  And all of these items have been verified to be true. So you know you aren’t buying moon rocks from some jamoke off the street.

When I first heard about the Mini Museum on reddit, I saw that you can put together 75% of this stuff for almost nothing.  But that isn’t the American Way.  I don’t want to search high and low for items that may or may not be available for purchase. When people are talking about random current events, I want to drop the hammer on them.

“Clem, did you hear about all that craziness going on Egypt?”
“Yeah. I wonder if it was this crazy back when the piece of Egyptian mummy wrap I own was first made.”

“Hey Clem, which movie do you like more: Lincoln or Jurassic Park?”
“Well I own a a piece of Honest Abe’s house, as well as a piece of a T-Rex. I guess I would say Jurassic Park.”  Boom, I am automatically the coolest guy in the room and I will be leaving with the hottest chick*.  

“Yo Clemson, I love the blog. I will never forget where I was the first time I read it. Kinda like how I will never forget where I was when the Berlin Wall fell.”
“Oh, thanks man! Funny story, I actually own a piece of the Berlin Wall thanks to the kindness of someone who reads my blog.”

The Mini Museum is a life changer.  Buy one for your favorite blogger today!

*I will not be leaving with the hottest chick.


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