The Very Best Tweets From Today’s #ThingsBetterThanKay Hashtag Revolution

Posted: November 5, 2014 in mike francesa, radio
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This afternoon, Michael Kay decided to get his pea shootah out and take shots at the New York radio throne by chirping about Mike Francesa.  Kay said Francesa questioned his integrity by mentioning that the YES Network changed from Francesa to Kay because the network wanted creative control of the show.  

I am sure this rant coming right in the beginning of the Nielsen ratings sweeps is purely coincidental.  You can watch the video above, but please be warned that Michael Kay’s shrieking voice goes on for 8+ minutes.  

Anyway, Twitter did what Twitter usually does.  It came out with some pretty great jokes.  This isn’t the first time the hashtag #ThingsBetterThanKay has been used.  But it was successful yet again.  There is such a passionate hate for Michael Kay’s overall human that the hashtag started trending in the entire country.  God bless Twitter.  The best tweets that I found are below:



AKA 3 shows with Mike and the rest with random fill-ins.

Michael Kay is the YOLO of radio.  Not sure how it all started and not sure if it will ever end unless you shoot yourself in the face.

Below the belt.  But true.  At least Phlly has cheesesteaks.


Double ouch.  By the way, how were Yankees fans not more outwardly nervous about Tanaka before the season started?

Okay, that one hurt.

Alright, enough New York baseball jokes.  I am not going to win that battle.



Would I rather smell the meat and cheese scent of Rob Ryan’s hair or look at Thibs’ hair?  Not sure, but both would be higher on my list than listening to one millisecond of Michael Kay.

A frightening thought.  I NEEEED all the trimmings with my Football Friday.

That was classic.  The first time I saw Mad Dog on the YES Network, he couldn’t have looked more like a tennis-playing square from Connecticut.

’nuff said.


That is just mean.  Mike Carey thinks that tweet went too far (which means it didn’t go too far because he’s absolutely terrible at his job.  Get it?)

Anyone’s CBS Sports Minutes would have sufficed.  But Rome’s are especially bad.

As a Ronnie Hillman owner in fantasy, this warmed my heart.

Darkness before 5 probably causes thousands of suicides per year.  Yet it is still better than Michael Kay.

A little self-promotion never hurt anyone.

Allllmost done self promoting…

Annnnnd I’m spent.  Like C said in A Bronx Tale, I took a shot.  A favorite or retweet from her would have basically completed my Twitter Bucket List (which is only 1 item long.  A favorite or retweet from Katie Nolan).

Killshot!  KILLSHOT!!!!


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