Miami Going From Nike To Adidas Is Officially The Death Of “The U”

Posted: January 8, 2015 in Football
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ESPN- The University of Miami and Adidas announced Thursday that they will partner for the next 12 years in a deal that has the potential to become the most lucrative in the history of Hurricanes athletics.

It’s also the longest deal Adidas has struck with any collegiate program.

A person familiar with the contract terms told The Associated Press that the deal is worth “multiple times” more than Miami’s previous arrangement with Nike, which chose not to match Adidas’ offer. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because neither side authorized the release of specific financial terms.


What, was Pony and their EWING brand already taken?  As someone who gets off reading the 2001 Miami Hurricanes Wikipedia page, I have to say that I hate this move.  Miami is swagger and swagger is Nike.  No two ways about it.  Americans aren’t lining up outside malls and licking the soles of Sambas.  The swoosh is still the king.  You can mayyyyybe talk me into Under Armour they have a great logo and they have had some solid commercials.

But Adidas reminds me of soccer games, Capri Sun, and orange peels.  Not a bunch of crazed maniacs putting up 50 burgers on D-1 programs and then dancing on their graves.  Just look at this paragraph and ask yourself, does this sound like a Nike school or an Adidas school?


However, even after saying all that, I have to admit that these shoes are fire.  But they are also probably the high point of the Adidas/Miami marriage.



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