15-Second Food Review: Crispy M&Ms

Posted: February 11, 2015 in 15 second review, Chow Time, Food, Food Reviews
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Final Rating: 1,000,000/10.  It is true what they say.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Just tasting that crispy and chocolate concoction under the thin candy shell made all the grave injustices of the world go away for just one moment.  Thank you M&Ms by admitting you were a bunch of moronothons for getting rid of Crispy M&Ms.  And since I was asked to rank my M&M flavors last week, here is my Top 5 M&M flavors:

Did not make the cut: Mint, Dark Chocolate, Almonds, Birthday Cake, Candy Corn, etc.

5. Crispy: Did I just give these a one million rating and now ranked them only 5?  Sure did.  That’s just how I roll.  I had to prove a point to the pencil-neck geeks at M&M’s that took the crispy flavor off the shelf.  But now it’s back to reality.

4. Peanut Butter: They are a pretty solid candy, but every time I eat them, I think about how much more I wish I was eating Reese’s Pieces.  Is that fair?  No.  But I don’t make the rules in the candy game.  I just follow them to a tee as I hammer through reviews.

3. Milk Chocolate: Timeless and classic.

2. Pretzel: Criminally underrated in the M&M game and the candy game in general.  Doubles as both a candy and a legit snack.  Plus salty and sweet is what’s hot in the streets these days.

1. Peanut: When I was young, Peanut M&Ms were gross.  They seemed like the adult, “healthier” version of M&Ms.  But you really respect the punch that a peanut can pack as you get older.  And there are a bunch of different ways to eat Peanut M&Ms.  Eat the candy, save the peanut.  Suck it down to the peanut.  Split the peanut in half.  The possibilities are endless.


To view the rest of my 15-second food reviews, simply click the word Playlist at the top of the video below and choose a review.


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