15 Second Review: Cheez It Crunch’d Cheddar Puffs

Posted: February 19, 2015 in 15 second review, Chow Time, Food, Food Reviews
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Final Rating: 7.4/10. The flavor of Cheez It crackers are incredible. For my money, they are the best cracker in the snack food game. You don’t get that type of strong cheddar taste unless you are digging into the batter’s box against a Henry Rowengartner fastball. However, on the cheese puff, the flavor just tastes fake. It gets a 7.1 because like every cheese puff/doodle ever, these things are addicting. The real news here is that you can eat a ton of these and not walk away with solid orange fingers. That’s worth 0.3 review points, easily. Now we need the people at Cheetos to steal this technology and finally make the world a perfect place.

To view the rest of my 15-second food reviews, simply click the word Playlist at the top of the video below and choose a review.


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