Prisoner Tries To Frame Cops For Police Brutality By Beating Himself Up Fight Club Style

Posted: February 19, 2015 in Random Thoughts
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Washington Times- A 33-year-old California man who claimed he was assaulted by police officers has been found guilty of attempted coercion and initiating a false report after he was caught on video punching himself in the face more than 40 times.

Newly released surveillance footage shows Aleksander Robin Tomaszewski at Lane County Jail in Oregon, where he was being held last month after being charged with first-degree sexual abuse and stalking, Raw Story reported.

Throughout the video, Mr. Tomaszewski paces back and forth in his cell and punches himself in the face repeatedly. He appears to strike himself in the face 45 times in the four-minute clip, the Eugene Register-Guard reported.

He later filed a complaint accusing local detectives of assaulting him during an interview. He had multiple facial injuries, deputies said.

After being told he was caught beating himself on video, Mr. Tomaszewski allegedly confessed to making up the story in hopes of winning early release from jail, deputies said.

He was sentenced to 20 days in jail, 36 months of probation and a $500 fine for the attempted coercion charge, the Register-Guard reported. For initiating a false report, he received a $100 fine and 20 additional days in jail, the newspaper said.

People always say if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying. Well if you aren’t punching yourself in the face 40+ times to frame the police for brutality, you definitely ain’t trying. Obviously there has been a lot of controversy in the last year with police using force with civilians. But this video is proof that sometime the shoe can be on the other foot.  Because if the cops had said this guy Fight Clubbed his face in without any video proof, very few people would believe them.


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