15 Second Review: Oreo Jell-O Pudding

Posted: February 24, 2015 in 15 second review, Chow Time, Food, Food Reviews
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Final Rating: 6.4/10.  This tastes nothing like an Oreo.  It’s just vanilla and chocolate pudding in a cup.  While I don’t hate that combination, you don’t lead people to believe that you are going to have that glorious taste of Oreo creme in the pudding cup.  The Oreo cookie (especially the creme part) is an American treasure.  Don’t you dare disgrace it, Jell-O.  Straight up communist shit right there.

Bill Cosby Impersonation Rating: 3/10.  I have learned that the camera adds (at least) 15 pounds and completely ruins all of my celebrity impressions.  Though to be fair, I don’t think I have ever tried to impersonate Bill Cosby until this video.  Big mistake.  Anyway, here is a Bill Cosby Gelatin Pop commercial that comes across much differently now than it did back then.  What exactly WAS he doing with his other hand during filming?  I don’t think we want to know.


To view the rest of my 15-second food reviews, simply click the word Playlist at the top of the video below and choose a review.



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