The Lakers Are The Happiest Shitty Team In NBA History

Posted: February 24, 2015 in Basketball, Knicks, Sports
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I can’t lie, this made me a little jealous as a Knicks fan. The Knicks suck just like the Lakers, but there is no joy in New York. These idiots are loving life after beating another shitty team (the Celtics) in overtime.

Now the NBA fan that spent his whole life listening to old, cranky sportswriters says these guys should be more serious about becoming a better team. But the evolved blogger with my own thoughts and feelings says this is great.

Can you imagine being on the Lakers and not having to look over your shoulder to make sure Dictator Kobe wasn’t going to murder you? It’s like staying at your girlfriend’s parents house for a weekend. You are on your best behavior the entire time, holding in all your farts and trying to avoid dropping an F bomb. The minute you leave that house, you can just let the farts fly and curse your brain off. Swaggy P is going to be extra Swaggy the next few months, and I for one cannot wait to see him finally fulfill his potential.

However, seeing Jeremy Lin and Jordan Hill having a ball was a nice kick in the dick. Lin because Peak Linsanity was probably the most fun the Garden has had since the 90s. And Jordan Hill because…well…you know.


*Drinks full gallon of bleach*


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