15 Second Review: Lunchables Dirt Cake

Posted: March 11, 2015 in 15 second review, Chow Time, Food, Food Reviews

Final Rating: 8.2/10.  Pretty goddamn good, but it can get pretty goddamn messy as well.  I went into this review with a slanted outlook, being that dirt pails are a Clem family tradition that will dominate any summer barbecue dessert contest.  But if you are looking to get your fix from a $0.99 Lunchable, it does the trick.  But beware of the carnage it can cause on your hands if you black out and become a frosting and Oreo crazed savage.  And for the record, that shit isn’t frosting.  It is a watered down pudding variety.  As someone who has reached rock bottom and ate frosting out of the tub with a spoon, I know what pure, uncut frosting to the gullet tastes like.


To view the rest of my 15-second food reviews, simply click the word Playlist at the top of the video below and choose a review.


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