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Brand Mascot Deathmatch

Well after countless gallons of virtual blood was spilled, we have made it to the finals.  So read the rules and vote on the matchup below.  I have included the CBS March Madness song for inspiration as you make your pick. (more…)


Brand Mascot Deathmatch

We move into Round 3 of the mascot death match tournament.  I have included the CBS March Madness song as inspiration in case you want to listen to something as you make your picks.  It is just like picking your college hoops bracket, except Dick Vitale isn’t on TV yelling at you.  Onto the matchups! (more…)

Brand Mascot Deathmatch

Well it has been a while since Round 1, but the we have finally made it to Round 2 of the Advertising Mascot Death Match Tournament.  So read the rules and vote on the matchups below.  I have included the CBS March Madness song as inspiration in case you want to listen to something as you make your picks. (more…)

Brand Mascot Deathmatch

Hey everyone,

A quick note for the site.  I have partnered up to share some of the content from The Clem Report with the team at KFC Radio.  If you haven’t already, check out their site and their podcasts.  It’s a great stop for sports, pop culture, and comedy.  One of the blogs I plan to be sharing with them will be the Death Match Tournaments.

A quick refresher about the tournaments.  On long trips, my buddies and I will name random celebrities, friends, fictional characters, etc. to participate in a tournament.  We place all these people in a bracket and vote on who would win in a fight to the death.  These tournaments always lead to some fun debates and interesting matchups.

Every month I will group 16 competitors together in a bracket and the readers will vote on who wins.  This tournament will be a matchup of famous advertising mascots. (more…)

TV Theme

Now this is a story all about how the Fresh Prince theme song won the 90’s TV Theme Tournament.  In a pretty big blowout, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air song was able to beat the upstart Home Improvement theme to take home best 90’s TV theme song.  Since The Clem Report is a functioning democracy for the people, this tournament was voted on by the visitors of the blog.  If you have any disagreements with the results, please forward them to the United States Constitution.

So for one last time, enjoy the greatest 90’s TV theme song of all-time:  The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.



The Independent-  One lasting memory of any South American World Cup is the passionate and over-the-top commentary whenever a goal is scored.

Cries of “GOOOOAL!!!!” and “Golazo” are often used to describe an amazing goal – Robin van Persie, Tim Cahill and James Rodriguez have all provided such moments during the tournament already – but which nation gets the most excited by the sight of the ball nestling in the back of the net?

Well, QZ decided to analyse the Facebook data to see which country celebrates goals the “loudest”. Taking into account the words ‘goal’ in English, ‘gol’ in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, ‘golo’ in European Portuguese and ‘tor’ in German, they checked to see which nation used the highest number of extra letters when celebrating a goal.

After collating their results, it emerged that Mexico took the spoils as they used an average of 6.6 extra characters per goal, closely followed by surprise package Algeria and Uruguay.

Goal letters

This is just one of those random studies that doesn’t really have much meaning behind it, but I am not going to hide my disappointment in my beloved home country.

We are the home of Super Sized fries and Costco.  When we score a goal, we need to make it COUNT.  I want the other countries to hate when we score a goal because we will flood thier feeds with vowels.  Come on America, you are better than that.  You have four years to get your GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL game together.  We are the land of the free, home of the brave, and the best damn country of all time.  Now act like it!

TV Theme

A song most people thought would get here against a song that may have had some upsets along the way.  I am intrigued to see how this vote goes.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air vs. Home Improvement