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A few thoughts:

  1. Couldn’t agree more with the Jenny hate.  The chick just breaks a mentally challenged man’s heart on the reg, hides his own kid from him for years, and finally comes around when she gets the bug.  Simply the pits.
  2. Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movies of all-time, but if you remove all of the pointless running scenes (mostly the jogging across America), it goes up a full point in my book.
  3. The Lieutenant Dan becomes an astronaut line was perfect.  That is why you must watch the Honest Trailers all the way until the end.

Well, that looks promising as hell.  You take a pinch of the story telling from X-Men: First Class, add a dash of the favorites from the original X-Men movies, and then throw in a sprinkle of The People’s Champion from Game of Thrones, Tyrion Lannister, and you have the potential for an INCREDIBLE comic book movie.  But even after saying all that, I have to write this to Brian Singer:  Please, please, pleeeeease don’t let this movie suck.

The Schmoozer is getting his own Youtube documentary?  F’ing incredible. The voice, the nonsensical diatribes, the celeb guests.  He is one of the few people that can actually talk Mets fans off the ledge, while also talking others onto the ledge.  Francesa, Imus, and Carton/Esiason have been the bigger names at WFAN over the years, but Steve Somers has been the best-kept secret.

Also, as weird as it sounds, hearing him on radio is much easier to take than on video.  That’s some Rust Cohle shit right there.

The official trailer for the new Godzilla movie just came out and I am really torn on it.  The last attempt at a Godzilla movie was an absolute travesty.  It was a typical over-promoted 90s blockbuster with Matthew Broderick bopping around NYC and some lame attempt at a CGI Godzilla f’ing things up.  Godzilla was the only creature that laid more eggs in Madison Square Garden than James Dolan.  However, there are a few things that give me some hope for this iteration of that big freaking lizard.

  1. Bryan Cranston is in this movie.  This is his first big role since being the one who knocks.  It took years for him to get a role like Walter White, but he has always been a great actor.  So at least you know that the lead acting role is in good hands.
  2. Cloverfield was a pretty fun movie to watch despite the constant shaky camera.  So a giant lizard monster attacking New York City can clearly work.
  3. There are a few moments in the trailer that are terrifying.  The giant waves, the loud screech, the planes crashing, and the first time seeing Godzilla all are pretty intense.  It doesn’t seem like this is one of those “Hey, we acquired rights to make a Godzilla movie.  Now here is everything except for Godzilla” type of films.
  4. Based on the few glances we get of the monster, Godzilla actually looks like Godzilla.  It’s crazy to think that people could mess up the most important part of a Godzilla movie, but they did exactly that back in 1998.
  5. Based on the breakdown of the trailer, we will get a little backstory to it all.  Hopefully not too much, but enough to give everyone an idea why this gigantic SOB is crushing NYC like Daz and Kurupt.

So all things considered, I am going to take a wait and see approach with this movie.  I will check out the Rotten Tomatoes reviews once they start rolling in around May, but as of now I am leaning towards seeing it in the theater.