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An absolute BANGER and maybe the most underrated hip hop song of all-time.  From the moment the words “super ugly” drop until the last “yeahhhh”, the song kills everything in its path.  Now if you will excuse me, I am going spend the next 4 hours searching out every Detox rumor that I can get my hands on.

If we are being honest here, this may be the best actual song of all-time.  God Bless you Lil’ Troy, wherever you may be.  And if you are dead, R.I.P.

My apologies for not putting up the Old School Jam Of The Week during it’s typical Thursday afternoon time slot. To make up for that, I am going to hit you with perhaps the best summer jam of all time: Hypnotize by Biggie. You are welcome. RIP B.I.G.!

A couple of quick things about this video.  No one could pull off the “holding a cane” look better than Biggie. As pimp as the day is long.  Simple facts, people.  And while we are talking fashion, the outfits the girls wore in this video are wretched. Nothing like giving attractive video dancers dresses that have too much flow and knee pads. I wish I had more hands so I could give those dresses four thumbs down.


When this chick appeared in the video, you could have convinced me should would be anything.  The next Tyra Banks.  The next Julia Roberts.  The next Preisdent of the United States.  It was all on the table for her.  MTV’s version of Helen of Troy.

I’ve been saving this one in my pocket for a few weeks now.  I wasn’t ready to unleash one of the gems of the early 2000’s on this blog until we had a few weeks under our belt.

  • When the beat for this song dropped, people would go NUTS.  I don’t even know how to describe it.  Like Spanish Fly for the soul, regardless of gender, race, or religion.
  • Did I once say”It’s the C, the L, the E, the M” to the beginning of this song?  No.  I say it every damn time the song comes on.
  • Lets be honest, the coordinated dance moves that 112 did were ten levels above the stuff that groups like N’Sync and The Backstreet Boys used to do.  This dance move wins the internet, even after all these years.


  • The line “better yet baby inside of you” still hits me like a ton of bricks to this day.  That one could made some great memories if you were lucky enough to be dancing with mixed company.
  • This video was when hip hop girls were in their PRIME.  Wowza
  • What is that?  A halftime show to a music video?  Oh, it’s just Dance With Me, another FIRE FLAMES 112 song!

BRB, time to go down a 112 wormhole.

Pretty straight forward jam here.  We are finally starting to get some hot weather, so it actually feels like it is summertime.  Nothing like some family-style, PG fun from Will Smith to take us into the weekend.  Crazy to think he was once known as the Fresh Prince.

The perfect summer jam and music video.  Hot chicks, fun beat, and girls singing the hook.  Add in the chocolate syrup scene and it’s an all-time great.  When this song/video first came out, it got overshadowed by Doin’ It (a classic in it’s own right).  But everything about this music video drips sex and summer.  Happy weekend, everyone!