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A big, hearty fuck you to the people who created this.  I am sure part of the reason they made the Selfie Brush was to get a rise out of old-school squares like myself.  Well, mission accomplished.  Because the word selfie and everything it stands for grinds the living shit out of my gears.  Apparently the iPhone 6 will not fit in the brush, so score on for the good guys.  I hope that there is a defect that leads to a ton of broken screens across America.

P.S. The last time I saw something this ridiculous was when the Shake Weight was announced.  And they went on to sell about a billion* of those handjob practice machines.  So while I may hate the idea of the Selfie Brush, I love the idea of being a millionaire.  So hats off to the inventors on likely getting rich beyond my wildest dreams.  And may Satan take no mercy on you for what you have brought into this world.

*All numbers estimated.


I always thought that watches were for finance hardos and people that didn’t realize their phones had an easily accessible clock.  Turns out the joke’s on me, since I need this watch more than I need oxygen.

The people at Phandroid (nerdiest name ever?) go much more in depth on how you can make your watch look exactly like 007’s watch in the game.  I just gave myself a wedgie and got stuffed in a locker for writing that last sentence.  But nonetheless, Android is going all President Whitmore on us by refusing to go quietly into the night.  You move, Apple.  You know what must be done to stick the dagger into Android’s heart once and for all.  Now do it.

h/t Ballow