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Nailed it.  I think I have been in every one of those scenarios.  Not wanting to hang out with certain co-workers outside of the cubes or being stuck with the person that shorts the restaurant bill every damn time.  And the toilet scene is a dagger to the heart of any cube monkey. I recently got a job where I work from home. And other than having to commute exactly 0 minutes a day, being able to poop in the privacy of my own bathroom is easily the best part of the “work from home” life.

The only problem with this video is that I have ‘Nam-like flashbacks of that commercial being beaten into my brain every NFL Sunday for 20+ weeks. And anytime you bring up commercials that were beaten to death during NFL season, you leave the gate open for this song to re-enter your life.


Some people no longer watch Saturday Night Live because of the rough transitional periods the show went through the last 20 years or so.  However, there are still some real funny sketches and I will post the best skits after every episode.  This week’s SNL featured Melissa McCarthy and Imagine Dragons.  Here is the cream of the crop from Saturday night:

For the people who actually buy their Valentine’s Day gifts at CVS:


Melissa McCarthy is great in this wild women’s group skit:


A tremendous parody of the Georgians who experienced the winter storm last week:

Please note that due to the Winter Olympics on NBC, SNL will not be live again until March 1st.