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Not really much to add to this.  There are so many great, random ads from movies.  The Truman Show ad was an especially nice touch.  Such an underrated movie.

With the cold weather setting in, I plan on getting REAL comfortable with my Netflix over the next few months.  Like uncomfortably close.  Like call the cops because this sick bastard is way too close for me kind of close.  Okay I will stop talking now.

God bless the internet.

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I usually hate it when Youtube celebrities are able to “own” and monetize their gimmick.  It’s like when the machines becomes self-aware in the Terminator movies.  But I also think this kid has the chance to be the evolutionary Rob Ford.  I mean just look at this gif.


In fact, this kid looks and acts like he can be actually be Rob Ford’s (probably illegitimate) son.  Who knows what The People’s Mayor was doing during his crack-induced highs.  In fact, I am going to believe that this is Rob Ford’s kid until a licensed doctor tells me otherwise.  From the clumsy delivery to the charm that jumps off the screen, this kid is Rob Ford Jr.  With the amount of ginger minge floating around the Great White North, Rob Ford has clearly sired one of the biggest Youtube sensations of 2014.


h/t Cullen for the link

In full disclosure, my brother showed me this video for the first time today and it is already one of my favorite Youtubes of all-time.  I honestly don’t know which part of the video I like the most.  The instant karma?  Maybe.  The fan being unable to taunt because he can’t keep the towel on his tomato can of a head?  Perhaps.  But if we are being honest, it is probably the fan’s wife/girlfriend giving the player a thumbs up for taunting her dickhead husband/boyfriend.



I was skeptical about this at first, but if Channing Tatum and a below-average beat say it’s cool, who am I to be creeped out?  Is grabbing your buddy’s junk that much worse than a slap on the ass during a sports game?  Oh it is?  Hmmmm.  But if Dick Grabbing leads to the Tit Hit, is that a fair trade off?  Try not to be so conservative, America.  The Dick Graze is here to stay.  Either get on the train now, or be the lame guy who doesn’t graze the man bits of your friends.  It’s the 21st Century.



h/t Mikey P

This dad is doing God’s work.  Sure the words “selfie” and “twerking” have brought many great memories to all of our lives.  But hearing grandparents talk about “that selfie story on the news” and “Miley is twerking again” is too much for one man to take.

We need to shame these selfie taking assholes to kill the word from the lexicon.  Smokeshows are going to continue to take pictures of themselves to sustain their fantasy life “careers”.  But we need to stop the stupid face selfies from getting taken ASAP.  Your move, America.  Operation Selfie Shaming begins now.

PS- If this is another god damn Jimmy Kimmel prank, I knew it all along.  Nice try, pretty boy.

PSS- Take another look at this moronathon


h/t Cullen

I have to say, Trey makes some pretty good points in this video.  This lady obviously just had two babies, you are clearly going to love this new baby more than the existing babies, and the sound of boys crying is clearly worse than girls.  Simple science, mom.  Read a book, won’t ya?

And don’t try to use Amaya as a witness for your case.  That chick doesn’t even understand the English language.  And oh yeah.  SHE HAS A GOD DAMN BINKY IN HER MOUTH!



I wasn’t going to post this video for a bunch of reasons.  I think 3 of my last 4 blogs have been about the ice bucket challenge, the video could be a hoax, and I wasn’t sure if this girl was mentally slow.  But sometimes in life you have to trust your gut and give the people what they want.  And the people want to hear a girl drooling blood say that she loves them.  Who am I to turn them down?  I also have a rule that I will post people doing stupid shit on meds 100 times out of 100.

This is why the internet is the best thing ever created.  Who could have possibly guessed that the highlight of the summer would be your family, friends, celebrities, and random fools dumping ice water on their head for a great cause?  The internet is like Cartman on Maury Povich.  It does what it wants.

Also, this is the exact face I made last night when I dove in for a third slice of pizza.  Impulsive with a hint of shock.  But deep down there is a ton of satisfaction and you never felt so alive.


I don’t know if the urban legend that this guy was tripping balls while he was being recorded are true, but at this rate I would rather not even know. Some things in life are better with a little bit of mystery behind them, like the ingredients of hot dogs or what goes on in an NFL locker room. I just want to watch that funny looking lizard talk as my friends Mr. Balloon Hands and Mr. Walkway strut back into my life.

Seahorses.  Forever.

Sad and angry goes right out the window once the music/Gifs start up.  Great googly moogly.


KatyPerrysBoobs_12 (more…)

Peyton Manning killed the cool white person movement last week.  Now Toyota has killed hip hop altogether.  White people just can’t have nice things for this reason.  God dammit.

Regardless, #MotherFathers will be trending by the time this blog goes up.

PS- Busta Ryhymes is not without blame for this monstrosity.  Then again, he probably got paid a small fortune to spit a few bars.  Don’t hate the player, hate the (now deceased) game.  Also, Busta Rhymes is 42 years old.  I wanted to go and hide in a corner after finding that out on Google.