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Arizona Cardinals


Over/Under Win Total: 7.5

Odds to win division: +700

Odds to win Super Bowl: 40/1 (more…)


Atlanta Falcons


Over/Under Win Total: 8.5

Odds to win division: +450 (more…)


Chicago Bears


Over/Under Win Total: 8.5

Odds to win division: +325

Odds to win Super Bowl: 20/1 (more…)


Denver Broncos


Over/Under Win Total: 11.5

Odds to win division: -300

Odds to win Super Bowl: 6/1

Underrated Fantasy Player: Ronnie Hillman. I believe that Hillman is the guy to pick if you don’t believe in Montee Ball or think Ball may get hurt.  The coaching staff spoke glowingly of Ronnie Hillman over the summer.  And don’t forget, No Talent Knowshon Moreno was able to beat out Ball as the starter last year. (more…)


Houston Texans


Over/Under Win Total: 7.5 (more…)


Buffalo Bills


Over/Under Win Total: 6.5

Odds to win division: 9/1 (more…)


After two preseason games, I figured it was time to move my lazy ass from the couch to the computer chair and write up a preview to the Giants 2014 season.  It may be a little long, but I have the blog.  So you will listen to every damn word I have to say!  Here we go.

Well it may not be FOOTBALL, but the football season has started once again.  I will be doing these breakdowns every Monday to recap the glory that occurred on Sundays during the regular season.  Since this is preseason for bloggers as well, you guys get some blogs as I work out the kinks in everything.  Onto the games. (more…)


This list is sorted by WAR (Wins Above Replacement) for all eligible AL shortstops.  I know people will say it’s a Lifetime Achievement award and that he’s earned it, but I am just simply putting up a list based on performance.  

Based on the numbers above, tell me who should be the America League starting shortstop and who should be doing crazy weird stuff with supermodels down in his Tampa Bay mansion.

First of all, lets just remember that the Knicks didn’t even have a pick until the emancipation of Knicks fans from Raymond Felton.  Thank you Phil.


With pick 34, the Knicks selected Cleanthony Early.  Early was the best player on a team that went undefeated in the regular season, granted in the MVC.  But there have been enough players in the NBA that played against weaker competition and still made a good name for themselves (Steph Curry, Gordon Hayward).  Getting a player that can play on both ends of the court, has been compared to Clifford Robinson, and was predicted to go in the first round at pick 34 is a legit win for the Knicks.  Plus, this: