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So I had a nice Friday night planned with the wife.  “Neighbors” on TV1, Mets/Cubs on TV2.  Maybe sprinkle in some preseason football moneymaking viewing to get the weekend started.  And then my entire world was turned upside down when I saw the Mets ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.


What the hell is going on with Jay Horwitz’s midsection?  There are so many possibilities.

3:1- He is getting a jump on the next viral fundraiser, the Rabies Fupa Challenge.

6:1- Jay has the most epic pair of man boobs we’ve ever seen.  Swing low, sweet chariots.

10:1- He is slowly turning into Grimace.


20:1- Horwitz is the main villain in the new Goosebumps book.


Finally, what is going on with those sock marks, Jay?  I respect the high sock game and all*, but that is patently ridiculous.  May be time to hit the ol’ Big And Tall store for some socks, Jay Bird.


*Editor’s note: I don’t respect anyone who wears socks from April-October, I was just trying to be nice**

**I actually respect any girl that wears high socks, regardless of month.