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Shut it down. Donate every dollar on the earth to an ALS and lets kill this disease. That cannot possibly be topped.  It’s over.


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So I had a nice Friday night planned with the wife.  “Neighbors” on TV1, Mets/Cubs on TV2.  Maybe sprinkle in some preseason football moneymaking viewing to get the weekend started.  And then my entire world was turned upside down when I saw the Mets ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.


What the hell is going on with Jay Horwitz’s midsection?  There are so many possibilities.

3:1- He is getting a jump on the next viral fundraiser, the Rabies Fupa Challenge.

6:1- Jay has the most epic pair of man boobs we’ve ever seen.  Swing low, sweet chariots.

10:1- He is slowly turning into Grimace.


20:1- Horwitz is the main villain in the new Goosebumps book.


Finally, what is going on with those sock marks, Jay?  I respect the high sock game and all*, but that is patently ridiculous.  May be time to hit the ol’ Big And Tall store for some socks, Jay Bird.


*Editor’s note: I don’t respect anyone who wears socks from April-October, I was just trying to be nice**

**I actually respect any girl that wears high socks, regardless of month. 

You cannot possibly be more Jim Harbaugh than clarifying that you are going to pour ice water on your head, but only because your brother told you to and not Pete Carroll.  I know the phrase arch-nemesis is kind of dated, but Harbaugh clearly sees Carroll as some evil genius that he must vanquish.

In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked if Harbaugh was the one who created the Pete Carroll Wealthy Oil Barron gif.  Straight out of a comic book movie.  Then again, Harbaugh also strikes me as the dad that still has an AOL email address and puts web addresses into Google instead of typing them in the address bar.


The true winner in all of this is actually John Harbaugh.  Another victory for older brothers around the globe.  He has already beat his younger brother in the preseason, regular season, and Super Bowl.  Now he challenged him to the ice bucket challenge.  Big brother strength like you read about.


Update: The most Jim Harbaugh thing is to actually take the ice bucket challenge without flinching while giving the double peace sign.

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Harbaugh without a flinch #Hardooooo

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I love that the Facebooks of millionaires and billionaires will now be filled with Ice Bucket Challenges.  Hopefully they bump up the donation amount from $100 to $100,000.  That’s how you kill diseases.  Old, white people will believe/do anything that Facebook tells them.  If those people have pockets as deep as the Pacific, we can wipe out every disease in the world by Labor Day.

And you have to love the nerve of John Mara calling out Robert Kraft, Woody Johnson, and Bill Belichick.  All he does is ruin the dreams of those franchises.  The Giants get to play the good son in the media while the Jets get crapped on by the entire country.  And I don’t really have to explain what Mara has done to the Patriots, right?  I can already see the headlines.  Mr. Kraft pulls a William Henry Harrison and dies of pneumonia, while the ice water melts Belichick.  Patriots dynasty officially over.


PS- Props to John Mara for the perfect handshake form.  Left hand holding the counterparts elbow, right hand is firm and true with jusssst enough of a shake.  I have never been prouder to be a Giants fan in my life.