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No one makes kind of adorable, Seahawks Skittles girl sad on my watch and gets away with it. Am I happy that Richard Sherman and the 12s are crying in their Starbucks this morning? You’re God damn right.  But this girl is cute as a button, especially with that Skittles eye-black on.

Do I think red eye-black doesn’t do a very job of preventing glare?  Of course!  But I can overlook that stuff in the name of cuteness.  For example, I hate cats with every fiber of my being. But I would have to be a cold-blooded asshole to hate kittens.  So I can forgive wearing red eye-black on the biggest game of the year, just because this girl is a legit cutie pie.  That being said, I really hope she isn’t crying on the shoulder of some emo Seattle-ite.  Is that even what they are called?  There are more questions than answers after that Super Bowl.



You may not have noticed it during the first 500,000 viewings of the Xbox One NFL commercial, but it looks like Marshawn Lynch decided to turn his Super Bowl ring a pinky ring.  This is just a reminder that Marshawn Lynch is a complete space cadet and should be cherished as long as he is around.

I don’t think I properly appreciated Manny Ramirez when he was in his “I am super crazy and super talented so I can now do weird shit and get away with it” phase.  And this is coming from a guy who has the Johnny Damon cutoff in his Top 10 favorite baseball plays ever.  The pinky ring statement is ever so subtle but still 100% pimp.

TL; DR- Marshawn is just about that pinky ring, boss.