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Not much surprise here.   The Brooklyn Knight was weird as hell and sucked right off the bat.  With all the creativity we have on the internet these days, how was THIS atrocity the best thing a savvy, hip sports franchise could come up with?


The real question is how long until Billy King’s head goes on a spike?  And I don’t mean a crappy MS Paint joke, but his head literally on a spike on Prokhorov’s yacht in the Baltic sea?

And to all the fake Knicks fans that jumped ship when the Nets were the flavor of the month with their trendy colors, new arena, and the Jiggaman.  How is that all working out for you?  

Well, about the same as it is for us Knicks fans.  But at least we have Phil, probably Melo, and an outside chance of another superstar next summer. Oh yeah and James Dolan until the day we die.  Ugh, NBA basketball is just depressing in New York.  At least the new All-Star logo is fireflames.


PS- I saw this on my way to Oregon.  BROOOOOOOKLYNNNNNNNNNNNNN


PSS- Since they look the same and were both equally awful, which was a bigger flop: The Brooklyn Knight or The Shockmaster?