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Final Rating: 6.4/10. I wish I could love it.  I truly do.  But in the end it just leaves me slightly disappointed with a bitter taste in my mouth.  Just like LeBron James’ personality.

Boom.  Roasted.

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Well now, isn’t that a nice little way to get this Wednesday started.  We have all heard the rumors, believed the rumors, thought mayyyybe the rumors were false once people started blaming every losing streak on a sex scandal, and then just accepted that we would never know the truth.  But this is as close to a confession as you are going to get from someone who is bipolar.

I love Delonte mentioning Cassius Clay and Johnny Cash as reasons for his sons name, but didn’t feel the need to mention the actual currency that the kid was likely named after.  He’s definitely a cute kid though.  I’m happy Delonte seems to have gotten it all figured out.


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Most infographics are way too much for my brain to take in at once, and if we are being honest, this one is no different.  But I think it is funny to see why ESPN covered this story like it was the Kennedy assassination for the last month or so.  Teams bent over backwards (and forwards in some cases), made moves they would never have made, and put all other transactions on hold just because the best player on the planet was available and there was at least a 1% chance he would go to their team.

It got so crazy that some people actually listened to what Chris Broussard had to say on the matter, despite the fact that everyone hates him more than any ESPN personality not named Skip Bayless.  All I ask is that LeBron doesn’t pull this shit again anytime soon.  Unless he goes to the Knicks, then sign me up for 2+ years of rumor mining and trying to connect the dots.

PS- If I have to hear that Daryl Morey won this offseason despite the fact he lost Jeremy Lin, Omer Asik, Chandler Parsons, and a first round pick to end up with Trevor Ariza as his LeBron/Melo/Bosh consolation prize, I am just going to snap.

jea 0101 wild heat

I am not sure if quoting your own Tweet is against the internet’s unwritten rules or what, but if you don’t think that this is actually in the realm of possibilities, then you haven’t been paying attention to the sports history of Cleveland for the last 60 years.  It would just be so Cleveland to trade a rookie for an established superstar, so you could pair him with the best player in the world and somehow have it all turn to shit.  If Cleveland makes this trade, I may bet on Wiggins to win rookie of the year that night.  Mortal lock of the century.

But if by some chance God does not smite Cleveland, these two playing together will be basketball porn for fans.  Two of the best passing big men of this generation on the same team?  Incredible.  Love getting rebounds and throwing outlet passes to LeBron chugging like a runaway train will lead to countless ESPN Top 10 plays.  Man, it’s nice to like LeBron again.

PS- This should be Cleveland’s official motto.

I think we all adopted the Cavs as our second favorite team when they drafted LeBron.  The minute your team was eliminated from playoff contention, you wanted to see Bron Bron take down the Celtics and go for a ring.  Unfortunately, LeBron went heel on all of us by signing with the Heat, but now we have a clean slate again. (more…)

And with this post, I promise to not talk about the LeBron James/Miami Heat/Cleveland Cavaliers free agency saga again, until he inevitably pulls some crap in 4 more years.

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