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Final Rating: 8.1/10  There are 3 certainties in life:

1. Whenever a snack food has a “limited edition” or “limited batch” of a new flavor, I will 100% buy it.

2. I will rate any Cape Cod chip (other than Buffalo Cheddar) at least a 7.5 because of how well they kettle cook the chips.

3. People will mispronounce the word “chipotle” and it will drive me bananas.  I should not be friends with those people.

As for the chip, I’m not a huge flavored-chip guy.  It’s decent, not great.  Give me a bag of regular Cape Cod chips any day of the week.  And bring back the Dark Russets, God dammit!

P.S. I was in the Cape over the summer and stopped by the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory.  I hate to admit how high that was on my bucket list.  Still brings a tear to my eye thinking about it.



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