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As I mentioned in my coffee blog today, I have recently become a coffee drinker.  This was mostly thanks to having coffee with flavored creamer, as every time I had it with milk and sugar, it just wasn’t all that appetizing.  In most grocery stores, there is your basic creamer flavors: French Vanilla and Hazelnut.  Sometimes you will come across a flavor that is seasonal (pumpkin spice) or promotional (Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie).  In Keyfood last week, I happened to stumble upon the Heath Bar International Delight creamer.  I believe that Heath Bar is one of the most underrated gems in the candy world.  It is great to eat on its own and is even better in a complementary role in sundaes or baked goods.  The only real negative is that it can get stuck in your teeth.  So when I found it as a creamer flavor, I was obviously very excited to try it out.

Now most creamers are not very true to their original taste.  I understand that, since it is also mixing with coffee.  But the Heath Bar creamer tastes nothing like the original at all.  I think if you try to convince yourself that there is a hint of Heath Bar, you can probably taste it.  But that was not the case with the bottle I had.  After three uses, I finally threw out the rest of the creamer.  The Heath Bar creamer went from something I was excited about to something that made my coffee undrinkable.  A very disappointing purchase and one you should avoid.

Rating: 2/10



For the first 30.5 years of my life, I actively avoided coffee.  The main reasons were:

  1.  I didn’t think that I needed the extra boost of energy
  2. I didn’t want to drink something that people said was very addictive
  3. No matter how much milk and sugar I added, it never tasted good

Whether it was mental, my hellish commute, or just getting old, Reason 1 went out the window.  I would be exhausted all morning long and tried to figure out what I could do to get a boost.  I do not like energy drinks enough to have them in the morning and I am not a fan of tea.  Reason 2 was no longer an issue once I decided I’d rather be an addict but awake instead of free and tired.  Reason 3 was the only thing stopping me from giving coffee one last real shot.

One day my wife (also a former coffee holdout) decided to make me a cup with some creamer her parents had left at our house the day before.  From the first sip, I loved it all.  The warmth of the liquid, the sweet after taste, and of course the caffeine.  The glorious, glorious caffeine.  I now understand why people always need their coffee in the morning in order to function or crack a smile.  The feeling of a good coffee high is about equal to having star power in Mario Bros.  You work faster than usual, can accomplish tasks that you seemingly couldn’t do earlier, and you feel like you are a God that can do almost anything.  If I had known this was the feeling coffee could give me, I would have found a way to make it taste better years ago.  Now I can semi function with some milk or sugar, but it still needs to be a somewhat light and sweet for me.  Creamer is still my favorite though, especially with the wide array of flavors out there.  I stick with french vanilla for the most part, but occasionally will dabble into the exotic section.  I now love a good cup of coffe, but  also realize that I am addicted to this black gold.  At least I will be an addict who is awake.