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image_1 Just a friendly reminder that the mainstream NFL media will be re-entering our lives with their predictions.  A quick refresher course for what you will hear:

  1. Every team that made the playoffs last season will probably make the playoffs this season, despite the fact that this never, ever happens.
  2. No teams that came in last place in 2013 will win their division in 2014.  In these people’s minds, the NFL standings are the epitome of stability on a year to year basis.
  3. The only team that is not allowed to believe that it will be good is the Jets.  They should be the only team in the league that is pessimistic about their chances for the season.
  4. At least one analyst will participate in a mock fantasy draft and say something like “I don’t care what his numbers are, I want a player like Joe Flacco on my fantasy team because he wins football games”.  If you see this, turn off your TV and throw it out the nearest window.
  5. Every Super Bowl prediction will include the Broncos or the Seahawks, and likely have both.  The last Super Bowl with the same matchup as the year before was in 1994.
  6. The phrase “THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE” will be unnecessarily uttered 849,294,402,028 times (give or take).
  7. No matter what, we will eat up every single word because we are fiends for the drug known as THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE.

So it begins.


Hollywood Reporter-  Nobody is pushing the mute button on Tony Reali. The ESPN personality, who’s brandished the Around the Horn silencer as host of the panel series since 2004, has re-upped his deal with the cable network — and scored a regular gig on Good Morning Americain the process.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Reali’s latest extension has given him the role of contributor on corporate sibling ABC’s morning flagship. Reali will move from Washington, D.C., to his native New York later this year, whereAround the Horn will get a new Times Square space close to hisGMA studio. Reali joins GMA as its first social media contributor and will appear in its recently unveiled “Social Square” to engage viewers online.

Gotta say, I’m pretty happy to hear about this.  When Max Kellerman left Around The Horn, I thought that the show would be doomed.  But Reali, AKA Stat Boy stepped up big time and was able to host the show without missing a beat.  Reali has always seemed like a good dude who actually knows his sports and current events, which is not always the case on that network.  The only bummer is that he will not be on PTI anymore, but I guess all good things need to come to an end.  Welcome back to NY, Stat Boy!  Do the damn thang!

PS- A gig talking about social media?  Has to be a Top 10 best job in the world, right?  I spend every waking hour on Twitter, so I couldn’t imagine getting paid for it.  Some guys have all the luck.  You’re welcome.

A wonderful reminder of how the 2013-14 Knicks season has been a true nightmare.  The sad thing is there are plenty of lowlights they couldn’t fit in that montage and many more to come.  Part of me wants Melo to leave so the Knicks can just blow it all up and start from scratch.  The other part of me never wants to watch NBA basketball again.

This feels like it happened 20 years ago.


ESPN- Sydney Moss, the daughter of former NFL receiving great Randy Moss, set the NCAA Division III record for single-game scoring with 63 points for Thomas More College on Friday night in a semifinal win in the Presidents’ Athletic Conference tournament.

Moss broke Ann Gilbert’s mark of 61 points when she made two free throws with 18 seconds remaining in the Saints’ 106-88 win over Waynesburg (Pa.) University in Crestview Hills, Ky. Thomas More improved to 27-0 and advanced to Saturday’s championship game against Washington & Jefferson College.

Moss, a 5-foot-11 sophomore guard, is a former Kentucky prep basketball star, and averaged 22.6 points and 10.8 rebounds per game in her junior year at Boone County High School.

Just another reminder of how much of a freak that Randy Moss was.  Now we will watch his kids dominate their respective sports for years.  Obviously Moss was a monster on the football field, but he was a serious baller back in the day with White Chocolate Jason William at some random West Virginia high school.  It was an honor and a privilege to fall into a Youtube wormhole and come out with some Randy Moss and Jason Williams highlight footage.  Enjoy.

Well it was only a matter of time until Johnny Football showed up at the FFCA Headquarters to talk shop with Jon Gruden.  Now we all know Chuckie has a reputation for loving everyone that he covers in football.  But you just KNOW that Gruden wishes he was Johnny Football.  A young stud who already has a Heisman, a ton of A&M/SEC/NCAA records, and countless co-ed pelts on his wall?  Once the cameras went off, I guarantee he cracked open a 12-pack and asked if he could smell Johnny’s fingers.  As long as Manziel does not end up on an NFC East team, he will be right at the top of my list of favorite players in the league off the bat.  And if by some chance an NFC East team does draft him?  I guess I will just have to sit in a dark room on Sundays in the Fall and Winter.  Obviously he will have to be on his best behavior until the draft and maybe until he is entrenched as a starter?  But once he becomes a successful QB in the NFL?  Watch out.  Do the damn thang, Johnny.