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Our maniac friends are back for another episode of The Challenge: Free Agents, “Love in the Fast Lane”.  A few thoughts and observations from last night. (more…)

lombardis2 Well that was a fun 24 hour period.  After handling some of the family business during the first 48 hours of Free Agency, Big Blue plugged a few of the bigger holes on the team and probably are about done spending in free agency.  A quick recap of the most recent signings:

  1. The Giants were able to land Walter Thurmond to man the nickel position in their defense.  In a league where slot receivers are becoming more and more important, you need to have players who can help shut down the position.  Thurmond was one of the best nickel backs in the league last year and was an important contributor to the Legion of Boom’s Super Bowl run.  However, Thurmond has been suspended in the past for multiple failures of the league’s drug test (reportedly for marijuana).  I am not sure if going from Seattle to New York is better or worse for his weed habit, but if he can keep the blunts out of his mouth and his body on the field, this is a big move for the defense.  Going from Aaron Ross to Walter Thurmond is like going from flying in a plane’s luggage compartment to flying in first class.  Enjoy the ride, Giants fans!
  2. Joining Thumond in the secondary is Quintin Demps.  Demps has been up and down as a safety in his career, but has been pretty dangerous in the return game.  Signing a safety for depth reasons is important, considering the injuries the hit the position last year.  But the reason I loved this signing was that the Giants spent some money in the return game.  More on that later, however.
  3. Big Blue wasn’t done with helping out the secondary, signing Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.  DRC has had some up and downs as well, which is the reason why he is on his fourth NFL team.  But he has the talent to be a number 1 cornerback in the league, if he wants to be.  Plus he owns this car.   I read these three moves as the Giants admitting they may have an issue getting their usual pressure on the quarterback from their Front-4.   If the newly improved secondary can raise its level of play, they may be able to hide the warts of a potentially average pass rush.
  4. And the kicker to it all was the G-Men announcing they signed Trindon Holliday.  Other than one year of David Wilson, the Giants have had a HUGE hole in the return game for eons.  While Holliday was up and down for the Broncos with an occasional case of Fumbilitis, I like the signing as a way to change the game and field position in New York’s favor.  Plus, if I’m being honest, I have to admit that returning kicks/punts with Holliday in Madden next year is going to be incredibly fun.  Between Demps and Holliday, the return game issues of years past should be gone.  Unless the Football Gods decide it is another year of purgatory for Big Blue’s special teams.

I expect Reese to continue to shop for bargains in the market before the draft comes.  However, they would need to do some re-structuring or cuts to get some space under the cap.  Whether it’s from ownership or his own accord, Reese has been very active in the market.  The Giants still have to address the Tight End, Offensive Line, Defensive Line, and Linebacker positions before the season starts, but I think I speak for most G-Men fans when I say I feel a lot better about the direction of the team now than I did a week ago.  LETS GO BLUE!


It has been a little more than 48 hours and we are already in the muck of NFL Free Agency.  Many of the big names have been signed and people are heaping praise on teams for winning the offseason already.  This is not a title the Giants are usually in the running for, but somehow they have won two Super Bowls in the last seven years (that should rile up the Eli Manning trolls).  Now that the dust has settled, lets take a look at how the Giants roster has changed since Free Agency started on Wednesday afternoon. (more…)


With NFL Free Agency here, I wanted to do a quick breakdown on the G-Men roster situation.  Obviously the beginning of the 2013 season was an absolute nightmare, but the team was able to battle to 7 wins despite starting 0-6.  So now it is up to the front office and our fearless GM to put together the pieces and build a contending team for 2014.  Here is’s list of the 2014 free agents (with different filters).  While Jerry Reese gets a lifetime of good will for winning two Super Bowls in his seven year tenure, he has also made some bad moves along the way.  And despite the Giants being thought of as a team that will not make splashy moves, they do have a history of signing players to big contracts during free agency.  Here is a breakdown of the Giants roster and what their offseason outlook is going to look like. (more…)