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Wow.  Just wow.  That video left me breathless.  First of all, lets just get this out in the open.  That lady slept with the entire Wu Tang Clan.  Not just one or two of the members of Wu Tang.  But all 150 of them.  The Rza, The Gza, Ol Dirty Bastard, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon the Chef, U-God, Ghostface Killah and the Method Man.  Sure ODB may be dead in the physical form, but that dude is alive in spirit.  And he slept with this woman.  Pure common sense says if you are a young woman with the Wu after a concert at 7 am, you slept with those guys.  But when this is your response to the judge asking about what your night was like with the Wu Tang Clan:

YOU ARE GUILTY!  The fact, smile, and wistful clutching of the hands says it all.

Next up, I don’t understand why this guy is so upset.  Just be happy that your (ex?) girl made it out of there alive.  I would be scared to be in the same room as people in the Wu just from hearing the torture song from 36 Chambers.  Just life-altering, chilling stuff there.  The woman you had and loved is gone.  Like in Hangover 2 when they say “Bangkok has him now”.  Well guess what Nathan?  The Wu has Lia now.  Is it fair?  No.  But that is what may happen if you let your shorty go to a Wu Tang concert without you.  I don’t want to say it’s Nathan’s fault, but it’s one billion percent Nathan’s fault.  I just wish Lia could own it and tell the stories of what happened that magical night with Killa Beez.  Then again, I am extremely happy I will never hear that story.


PSS- Diversify your bonds

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Commuting on the Metro North, LIRR, or New Jersey Transit is a soul-crushing daily occurrence for many of us.  So shout out to the scruffy, semi-thin living Harold Ramis doppelganger for breaking up the monotony of the work week.  And while I hate to admit how uncultured I truly am, how does a monocle stay on one’s face?  Do you clip it to your eyebrow?  Does the monocle somehow smoothly lodge to that bone above your eye?  Or does it take years and years of practice?  And wearing a monocle with a pleather jacket while scurrying in the rat race with the rest of us Metro North peasants is the definition of bougie.

Anyway, the only time it is okay  to wear a monocle in 2015 is if you are dressing up as the Monopoly Guy from Ace Ventura 2 for halloween.  And even then, you should be trying to think of a more culturally relevant costume.

Still one of the best scenes from what was a pretty disappointing movie for a young Clem.  The rhino birth scene was easily the best, btw.

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“Hey mom, check out this funny picture I saw on Facebook today. Who cares that 10 of the best athletes in the world are competing right in front of us. Annnnnnd, your dead”. Meanwhile orange shirt guy with the “I care but I don’t care” one-handed, cross-body block attempt and Uncle Ben readying himself to catch this old coot’s melon once it pops off her head.

Old lady gets hit in face with basketball. Timeless. Classic. The modern day, real life version of Man Getting Hit By Football.


You can learn a lot about a man by the way he treats Yoshi in Super Mario Bros.  Some people feed the Yosh and will never leave him behind.  Others think that sentencing your best friend to death for some more points/stars is the right move.  To each their own, I suppose.

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If this is true (and I will happily imagine that it is), then this girl is the reason that Tiger took a 6-iron to the dome on that fateful November night and the reason Jiggaman is sleeping in different hotels than Beyonce while they are on tour.  Congratulations random, nameless, extremely smiley girl and @TheRealTenski.  You have won the internet.  Twitter can now be retired.


And with this post, I promise to not talk about the LeBron James/Miami Heat/Cleveland Cavaliers free agency saga again, until he inevitably pulls some crap in 4 more years.

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   Your moments of zen await…

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Yesterday’s Brazil vs. Germany matchup was the most-discussed game ever on Twitter, with 35.6 million Tweets coming in during that time.  Below are some of the best gems found on Twitter and other corners on this wonderful, beautiful invention known as the internet.  #GodBlessTheInternet



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You know it, you love it, you’ve seen it parodied a thousand times by Jimmy Fallon.  Forget the good dancing and originality of it all.  Just try do one dance in place the entire time during the video without passing out.  Dude must be in shape.

We already had an NFL Gif dump earlier to brighten our spirits from Team USA’s World Cup exit, but Gifs are like beer at a party. You can never have too many. Happy Wednesday, internetter. You’ve earned a double Gif day.
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