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(Original video for reference)

I am not sure how many people have seen the video or played Dumb Ways To Die on their phone, but I know it had like 100 billion downloads a few years ago.  The game was always a fun way to pass a couple of minutes while getting that goddamn awesome hook stuck in your head.  But whoever took that song and animated the biggest Game of Thrones deaths over it is a genius.  I thought I was hyped for tomorrow night’s premiere until I saw Khaleesi’s dickhead brother get a liquid golden crown and Joffrey die all over again.  Now I am fucking STOKED. If the trade-off is that I have to hear that song in my head until 9 PM tonight, so be it.  And sure, maybe Theon isn’t technically “dead”, but if your dick gets cut off by a raving lunatic and you now think that you are a dog, you certainly cannot be considered “alive”.

However, not all of the video was fun to watch.  #RIP to basically every Stark I ever loved except for Arya.  I flat out refuse to rewatch the Red Wedding and I turn away from the TV in the beginning of the next episode when Robb’s dead body has his dead direwolf’s head stapled on.  I need Arya’s body count to reach triple digits by the end of this season so I can feel like Ned and Robb’s deaths were properly avenged (probably not going to happen).




Anyway, here are a few more videos to whet your appetite for tonight’s premiere.

If the video above wasn’t bloody enough for you, here is every death from seasons 1-4:

Season 5 previews:

Compilation of the best Red Wedding reactions:

Arya’s reaction to the Red Wedding:

Compilation of the best reactions to Oberyn Martell getting his head popped the fuck off:

Uncut long shot from last season’s battle on The Wall:

Giants shooting giant bow and arrows:

And of course, the best show/opening sequence in TV history.  I just have this song playing on loop in my house right now.  In my defense, I am not what you would call a “cool person”.

PS- “Dumb ways to die.  So many dumb ways to die.  Dumb ways to diiiiiie.  So many dumb ways to die”.  Sorry, but you know it’s still stuck in your head.


After a week of great news and uplifting stories, I figured the only place scarier than the sports world is the world in George R.R. Martin’s twisted mind.  So here is my list of sports leagues and the Houses of Westeros that they represent.

***Spoilers ahead if you are not caught up on Game of Thrones*** (more…)


I came across these gems yesterday at a 5 Below and obviously had to pick up a pack.  There aren’t many marriages better than baseball cards and Game of Thrones.

***Spoilers Below If You Haven’t Watched All Of Season 4 Of Game Of Thrones*** (more…)

Not much surprise here.   The Brooklyn Knight was weird as hell and sucked right off the bat.  With all the creativity we have on the internet these days, how was THIS atrocity the best thing a savvy, hip sports franchise could come up with?


The real question is how long until Billy King’s head goes on a spike?  And I don’t mean a crappy MS Paint joke, but his head literally on a spike on Prokhorov’s yacht in the Baltic sea?

And to all the fake Knicks fans that jumped ship when the Nets were the flavor of the month with their trendy colors, new arena, and the Jiggaman.  How is that all working out for you?  

Well, about the same as it is for us Knicks fans.  But at least we have Phil, probably Melo, and an outside chance of another superstar next summer. Oh yeah and James Dolan until the day we die.  Ugh, NBA basketball is just depressing in New York.  At least the new All-Star logo is fireflames.


PS- I saw this on my way to Oregon.  BROOOOOOOKLYNNNNNNNNNNNNN


PSS- Since they look the same and were both equally awful, which was a bigger flop: The Brooklyn Knight or The Shockmaster?

 ***Spoilers ahead if you are not completely caught up on Game of Thrones on TV***

The extremely talented Robert M. Ball created this wonderful artwork to commemorate a death that occurs in each episode of Game of Thrones.  The pictures go in episode order, starting with Season 1, Episode 1.  Just a fantastic collection of artwork that I will be adding to my computer background rotation.  See if you can name all the deaths by the pictures below. (more…)


Steroids is a hell of a drug.  

You know how people always say “wouldn’t you take a pill to make you so good at your job you get paid 25 times more than you normally would”?  Well this is just another example of that.  Would you take a pill to become ridiculously jacked, have a chance at a football career, and be a badass character on the greatest show on TV?  I’m leaning towards yes.

Found on Reddit

PS- This picture makes the Barry Bonds before and after comparison look like child’s play.


PPS- If this is a hoax, I will have my vengeance.  In this life or the next.

Obviously spoilers for Season 4 in the video.

Damn, that was a lot of deaths.  I thought we were topping out at 75, max.  Only 8+ more months of fiending a fictional show about magic and dragons…


***Spoilers ahead if you have not yet watched Episode 10 of Season 4*** (more…)


You know the rules by now.  You have $15 to pick 5 Game of Thrones characters.  I am not sure if this game has already jumped the shark, but anything Thrones related is always fun for me.  For the sake of making it somewhat fair, you don’t get Daenerys’ dragons if you buy her, or Ghost if you buy Jon Snow.

Let us know your picks in the comments below.


***Spoilers ahead if you have not yet watched Episode 9 of Season 4*** (more…)