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Spoiler alert: This post deals with Episode 8 of Season 4 of Game of Thrones.  It may reference events from previous episodes of the show.  I have NOT read any of the books and do not intend to until after the TV series is over.  Onto the thoughts.  (more…)

If you haven’t watched this week’s episode, there are Spoilers Ahead
joffwedding (more…)


Time- Teachers have long sought a foolproof method for holding their students’ attention and discouraging them from acting out. One educator in Belgium seems to have found a solution to that particular problem: revealing Game of Thrones spoilers.

Belgian daily Het Nieuwsblad reports that one math teacher, after confirming his students are fan of the HBO series based on George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Icenovels, told them he would reveal deaths from the as-yet unreleased seasons of the TV show if they did not remain quiet during class. (Despite growing concerns about Martin’s writing pace, the books — which the Belgian teacher has read — remain ahead of the TV series.)

The tactic is proving effective so far, although one classmate who reads ahead could easily undermine his whole plan. For now, however, the teacher’s approach remains evil and brilliant in equal measures — fitting qualities for a Game of Thrones-based scheme.

We all heard the stories from our parents when we were growing up.  Their teachers would use a paddle or a ruler on them if they misbehaved in class.  However, this is some next level shit.  You can take a couple of hits on the ass and will recover in a few minutes or so.  But to invest 30+ hours of your life to have a show spoiled for you?  That is just COLD BLOODED.


With all the excitement and discussion over the True Detective season finale, some people overlooked the fact that HBO released another trailer for the fourth season of Game of Thrones.  Granted, a lot of this footage has already been seen in one preview or another, but it still does the job of getting me HYPED.  I really don’t have much to add here other than Emilia Clarke really looks awesome as a blonde and I hope Sansa gets the F out of King’s Landing at some point this season.  

  1. So we start off with Arya calling out names of the people she is planning to kill.  Definitely the best Stark still breathing.  I hope she becomes the female version of John McClane.  The scrappy underdog who just eliminates bad guys.
  2. Speaking of Starks still breathing, it is mind boggling  that Sansa hasn’t gone full blown emo after the last 2+ years of her life.  She is just constantly getting crapped on.  If there was a Hot Topic in Westeros, she would be shopping there.  And for the record, I have no idea if Hot Topics are even around anymore.
  3. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I was nervous that Jon Snow’s story was going to suck again.  However, if he gets fired up and plans to avenge Ned/Catelin/Robb, his story will be amazing.  The dude is rescuing people from volcanoes in Pompeii, killing wildlings north of The Wall, and breaking hearts of beautiful women.  Rescuing, killing, and heartbreaking.  That’s what Jon Snow does!
  4. I don’t like Joffrey but I gotta say the character is just so much fun to hate.  He has no redeeming qualities at all, so you can truly hate everything about him.  Joffrey is clearly the Duke Blue Devils of Westeros.
  5. Again, Tyrion seems to be a in a real bind during these previews.  I hope everything breaks alright for him, but I’m guessing his boo may end up dead.  Shae is definitely one of my favorite people in King’s Landing.  That chick isn’t afraid to slice people up.
  6. I forgot about how Littlefinger is going to react to his crush getting backstabbed (and neck slit).  While he isn’t dangerous in a physical sense, he can definitely hurt you in quiet ways by being a weasel.  No one messes with Tommy Carcetti.
  7. I don’t know who Stannis and Melissandre are burning at the stake.  It seems like it could be his wife, but Game of Thrones isn’t above killing kids (like his daughter).  Stannis is a cold-blooded killer.
  8. There are about 20 frames of just mayhem that cannot be deciphered.  I am sure it will all be awesome.  I think the people who make these videos can edit a video of me walking around my house and make it seem interesting and intense.
  9. Another preview, another glimpse of Dany not is Westeros.  She seems to be developing a nice little ego however.  It should make her story a little more complex, even if it makes her potentially less likable.
  10. I am so bored with the White Walkers right now.  We need them to start doing stuff or just forget about them until they come.  I’m sure they are going to be killing machines once they start encountering people, but until then stop teasing us.  I also hope somehow they bring back previous characters that have been killed in White Walker form.  I don’t know if that is even possible, but it would be awesome.  White Walker versions of Catelyn, Renly, and Lady (Sansa’s dog) would be epic.  Weird and sad, but epic as well.

Yesterday, the wonderful people at HBO released a 15 minute video previewing the next Game of Thrones season.  Here are some quick hits from that glorious piece of Youtube heaven.  FYI, I have not read any of the books and do not intend to until the television series is over.

  • First off, whoa.  That was a lot to digest and kudos to HBO for making such a long, detailed teaser for the fourth season.  The show is hyped enough as is, so this felt like a nice treat for all of the GoT diehards out there.
  • We learn right off the bat that some of this season will deal with revenge for the horrifying actions of the Red Wedding.  Since I am a huge fan of the Stark family, it excites me that their story won’t fade away much.
  • It also appears that our boy Tyrion is going to be in some serious danger from the jump.  Since Peter Dinklage plays the most entertaining character in the series, especially when he is trying to outsmart his enemies, this should lead to a lot of fun.  The sibling rivalry between him and Cersei will probably be more vicious than ever.
  • I do not know who this Oberyn Martell character is, but anyone who hates the Lannisters is cool with me.  He seems like a Mack with the ladies and a hell of a fighter.  The “hand over the candle flame” move is legitimately bad ass.
  • Hearing Emilia Clarke’s British accent trying to politely say that Joffrey the character is an asshole is cuter than a litter of puppies.
  • I feel like Arya is going to start becoming a killing machine this year.  The team of her and the hound have some serious comedic potential ahead of them as well.
  • It seems as if the tide of popular opinion will continue to sway towards Jamie Lannister this season.  When we met him in Season 1, he seemed like an entitled and arrogant prick.  But upon further review, his character is one of the more layered and fascinating ones in the series.
  • Speaking of Jamie, it should be a blast watching him and Tyrion back together.  Those two characters and actors showed chemistry during their brief time together in the first season.  I hope to see more of the same going forward.
  • I have never been one to really notice how great the scenery and set design is in television shows.  But Game of Thrones changed all of that.  You truly feel like you are in a different world for that hour or so after the best opening credits in TV.
  • On that note, the Royal Wedding should be a masterpiece visually.  And I say that as someone who haaaates Joffrey.  But the setting looks great.
  • Natalie Dormer (the actress who plays Margaery Tyrell) is a straight up smoke show.  Nothing else to add, just thought I should mention that.
  • It looks like we will again have to wait a while before we see Khaleesi sail to Westeros.  I guess she still has business to take care of on the other side of the pond.  It’s a bummer, but I’m sure there is a reason for George RR Martin’s madness.
  • Dragons.  DRAGONS!  DRAGONS!!!  While I am sure the dragons will not get a ton of air time due to the tremendous expense it costs to make them, I do think they will have more of a presence this season.
  • The Jon Snow story started to get interesting at the end of Season 3, but it looks like we are back to the same old boring crap again.  Add in my least favorite character in the show (Sam), and I am going into this season with low expectations for the scenes near The Wall.  However, this show often zigs when you think it will zag.
  • The actress who plays Brienne sometimes seems to have a little bit of Hordor in her voice when she speaks.  Definitely reminiscent of an old Billy Madison favorite.
  • Bran is smack dab in the middle of his awkward years right now.  Poor kid.  It’s hard enough to go through that when you aren’t on the biggest show on television.  Hopefully his storyline picks up this season as well.
  • The actress who plays Arya seems to be funny and goofy in real life.  It is very cool to see the actors outside of the realm of this heavy, dramatic show occasionally.  Her Youtube reaction to the Red Wedding was awesome.
  • Even though he is only on screen for a short time in the above trailer, I am reminded how much I like Bronn.  He has a witty line for almost every occasion and plays real well off of Tyrion’s character.  I hope we see more and more of him.
  • Listing the saddest deaths of the series is basically the same thing as reading the Stark Family Tree.  This meme describes my feelings the best about this phenomenon.
  • Seeing that dragon in the last frame of the video definitely got more than a few fanboys to sit up in their seats.  Now the obsession can start again for the next (almost) two months.

A heart wrenching tribute to all the Game of Thrones characters that are no longer with us. Spoilers for Seasons 1-3.

2 of my favorite shows in 1 detailed, hilarious mashup? God Bless You, Internet!