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More impressive feat: Winning two Super Bowls (along with the MVP) or winning the motherloving internet?  Trick question, they are the tied for being the two best things in the world.  My quarterback can beat up your quarterback and then make a relatively funny and catchy music video for DirecTV about it.


via Eli’s AMA on reddit



A whole lot of chirping coming out of the City of Brotherly Love over this Cody Parkey fellow.  I guess he hit a few chip shots in the preseason and has Eagles fans lusting over him more than David Akers and Chris Boniol combined.

I suppose that I can’t get too angry at our little (and definitely uglier) brother dreaming of kicking greatness.  Us Giants fans have been real spoiled with championships and kicking aces going back to the Jeff Feagles glory days.  Feagles straight to Weatherford.  And absolutely no one in between.  It’s another great day to bleed blue.

PS- Fuck yo couch




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I love that the Facebooks of millionaires and billionaires will now be filled with Ice Bucket Challenges.  Hopefully they bump up the donation amount from $100 to $100,000.  That’s how you kill diseases.  Old, white people will believe/do anything that Facebook tells them.  If those people have pockets as deep as the Pacific, we can wipe out every disease in the world by Labor Day.

And you have to love the nerve of John Mara calling out Robert Kraft, Woody Johnson, and Bill Belichick.  All he does is ruin the dreams of those franchises.  The Giants get to play the good son in the media while the Jets get crapped on by the entire country.  And I don’t really have to explain what Mara has done to the Patriots, right?  I can already see the headlines.  Mr. Kraft pulls a William Henry Harrison and dies of pneumonia, while the ice water melts Belichick.  Patriots dynasty officially over.


PS- Props to John Mara for the perfect handshake form.  Left hand holding the counterparts elbow, right hand is firm and true with jusssst enough of a shake.  I have never been prouder to be a Giants fan in my life.



There are only a few rules in life that you have to remember.

  1. You do not talk about Fight Club
  2. You DO NOT TALK about Fight Club
  3. When someone asks if you’re a God, you say “Yes”
  4. When one of your favorite players/teams is in a SportsNation poll, you vote in favor of the player/team every single time.

Do I think Eli can POSSIBLY throw 70%?  Sure, even thought it’s only a remote chance.  But if by some miracle Eli can pick up Ben McAdoo’s quick-hitting West Coast offense, there is a chance his numbers improve a la 2013 PHILLIP RIVERSSSSSS.

But that isn’t the point here.  My responsibility as a Giants fan is to vote Yes to this and thumb my nose at every other NFL fan base in the country.  Eli may be a goofy, turnover prone quarterback.  But he is OUR goofy, turnover prone quarterback.  I realize that some of the 271 votes come from New Yorkers that aren’t Giants fans.  But I also realize that some Giants fans forgot their duty as a sports fan.  And that duty is to constantly defend Eli by pointing out his two Super Bowl MVPs, sit back, and act like watching him quarterback your team doesn’t feel the same as a passenger in a car being driven by Helen Keller.

By the way, I understand that Louisiana is Eli’s home state and they will stuff the ballot box for him.  But how in the world did Eli get that much support in Oregon, North Dakota, Maine and Kansas?  Do these states only watch the NFL during the playoffs?  As much as I love the guy, there is no other reasonable explanation for these results.

h/t Greg T.D. for the link


Snake fits the Raiders and their fans like a glove.  The Patriots as the diabolically evil Mr. Burns?  Yup.  And down-on-his-luck Gil as the Browns?  Perfection.

As a Giants fan, I took exception to Nelson at first.  Then I realized that Packers and Patriots fans look at us fans and the teams as bullies every four years.  HA HA!


San Jose Mercury News- Lyndsey Dworkin woke up Saturday morning, climbed out of bed and asked her mom a question.

“Did that all really happen last night?” she wondered. “Otherwise, I just had the craziest dream.”

It was real, her mom assured her. Every magical moment.

Brandon Belt really did tell the 12-year-old cancer survivor that he would hit a home run for her at the San Jose Giants game. And Belt really did deliver in the first inning, blasting a towering shot over the right-field fence at Municipal Stadium.

The autographed home run ball sitting in the Dworkin home in Mountain View now serves as proof. It says: “To Lyndsey, My Good luck charm. — Brandon Belt.”

A ball is signed for Lyndsey Dworkin, a 12 year old girl who last year was diagnosed with Medulla Blastoma, a brain tumor. Inspired by her story, members

A ball is signed for Lyndsey Dworkin, a 12 year old girl who last year was diagnosed with Medulla Blastoma, a brain tumor. Inspired by her story, members of the San Jose Giants Players personally presented to her a pink autographed jersey with the promise to throw out a ceremonial first pitch upon completion of her treatment.

Belt made his promise just before game time, after watching Lyndsey throw out the ceremonial first pitch. The girl had chosen to wear a Belt T-shirt for the occasion, so as she trotted off the mound, Belt raced out of the dugout to say hello.

Belt, on a rehab assignment from a broken thumb, felt an instant kinship with the girl on the mend. Lyndsey has undergone 31 bouts of radiation and nine rounds of chemotherapy. At the end of the conversation, Belt told her: “I’m going to hit a home run for you.”

Brandon Belt.  Hit and miss power hitter.  Player that has been on everyone’s fantasy team already in his 3+ years in the bigs.  God damn wish granter.   Heroes get remembered but legends never die.

Below is what Belt looked like as he trotted the bases.



ESPN- The Philadelphia Eagles have signed Alejandro Villanueva, a 6-foot-9 defensive lineman who spent the past four years as an active member of the United States Army and most recently served as a U.S. Army Ranger.

The Eagles announced the move Monday, saying in a news release that Villanueva signed a rookie free-agent contract. 

The 277-pound Villanueva served three tours in Afghanistan. He was recently promoted to captain.

The Eagles watched Villanueva, 25, perform at a regional combine in Detroit last month. He last played football in 2009 for Army as a wide receiver, converting to that position before his senior season.

Villanueva served as the Black Knights’ offensive captain in 2009 and led the team in receptions (34), yards (522) and touchdowns (five). He began his career at Army as a reserve defensive lineman and transitioned to left tackle in 2008, starting all 12 games at that position as a junior.

I love this signing for the Eagles and hate it as a Giants fan.  This guy is a GIGANTIC football player who was also an Army ranger.  He played college football in West Point, NY and did so very well at a bunch of positions.  The closest team to West Point is named the GIANTS.  Match made in freaking heaven, right?  I don’t know what Jerry Reese was doing the last few months, but it wasn’t scouting local giant badass heroes.

I think most Giants fans can agree that the Eagles have been our biggest rival the last 15 years or so.  Every year I pay attention to their moves more than any other non-Giants team.  I was stoked when Chip Kelly turned them down, then crushed when he pulled a 180 and became their coach.  This isn’t a surefire signing for the Iggles, but I sure wish it was a Big Blue signing instead.  It’s not every day that a 6’9″ former US Army Ranger who is good at football is available to your team.