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Final Rating: 4.1/10. Alright listen slingers of all things candy related. If you are going to make a treat with the Strawberry Starburst flavor, you better bring the heat. I said this back during the disaster that was the Taco Bell Strawberry Starburst Freeze.  Strawberry Starburst is a first ballot Hall of Fame flavor.  Stop sullying it’s bad name just to make a buck.  Either do it right or don’t do it at all.  You are breaking my goddamn junk food loving heart, people.

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Wow.  This gum actually tastes identical to the red Sour Patch Kid.  Whatever nerdy flavor scientist concocted such a tasty treat should be getting a call from Willy Wonka any day now.  That being said, the gum gets an 8.9 because you do get sick of the flavor pretty quickly.  Before I became a coffee addict drinker, chewing gum was the thing that got me through my cubicle hours.  I couldn’t imagine binging on a pack of Redberry Stride during my 9-5 death sentence.

Also, look at the artwork they put inside of the pack.  Stride must have had some hippies put in overtime work at the Stride headquarters after dropping acid.


Rating: 8.9/10.  Not really slimy but definitely satisfying. So sue me if I love The Lion King and Hakuna Matata is my life’s motto (or at least it should be).

P.S. I would like to thank my co-star (the badass movie villain goatee I grew for my wife) for participating in the review as well.  Sorry ladies the goatee and I are spoken for.