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A few thoughts:

  1. Couldn’t agree more with the Jenny hate.  The chick just breaks a mentally challenged man’s heart on the reg, hides his own kid from him for years, and finally comes around when she gets the bug.  Simply the pits.
  2. Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movies of all-time, but if you remove all of the pointless running scenes (mostly the jogging across America), it goes up a full point in my book.
  3. The Lieutenant Dan becomes an astronaut line was perfect.  That is why you must watch the Honest Trailers all the way until the end.

Oh hell yes.  The best Disney movie of all time gets the Honest Trailers treatment.  Yes, best Disney movie of all-time.  Better than Aladdin.  Better than Cinderella.  And much better than that copycat Frozen.  Seriously when kids start singing Frozen at you, just tell them that Lion King CRUSHES that movie.  Sure the kids may kick you in the shins and/or go running to their parents, but we need to stand our ground on this.  “Let It Go” is a great song, not just for an animated movie, but in terms of just a great song.  But The Lion King is in the running for best movies in my lifetime.  Some other quick thoughts on the movie:

  1. If you don’t leave the room or fast forward past the Mufasa death scene, you have ice water in your veins.  It is simply too painful to watch, even 20 years later.  Is it the saddest scene in the history of movies?  I’m not saying yes, but I’m not saying no, either.
  2. The Lion King easily has the best music of all the Disney movies.  All the songs in the Honest Trailer are Top 10 material.  Aladdin and Frozen have good songs too, but it’s chess vs. checkers when they are compared to The Lion King.
  3. Watching the Simba/Nala sex scene is creepy all these years later.  Not because of the situation, but because Nala has those “do me” eyes working overtime.  Not quite Lola Bunny weird, but close.  OK, I’m gonna stop talking now.

h/t LowBallJ for the link.