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Great work by the people over at Movieclips to put this all together.  Simply click the Playlist link in the upper lefthand corner and relive your childhood through all of these videos.  We all had our favorites, and many of them are here.

A lot of great things have been said about Robin Williams since his passing.  The bottom line for me was that he could make you feel something when he was on screen.  Whether it was happiness, sadness, conflict, or something else.  That is the mark of a true great.  Rest In Peace, Mr. Williams.

bob hoskins roger 250px-SmeeBobHoskins

BBC- Actor Bob Hoskins, who was best known for roles in The Long Good Friday and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, has died of pneumonia at the age of 71.  His agent said he died on Tuesday in hospital, surrounded by family.  The star won a Bafta and was Oscar nominated in 1987 for crime drama Mona Lisa, in which he starred opposite Sir Michael Caine and Robbie Coltrane.  He announced he was retiring from acting in 2012 after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

“We are devastated by the loss of our beloved Bob,” the actor’s wife Linda and children Alex, Sarah, Rosa and Jack said in a statement.  “Bob died peacefully at hospital last night surrounded by family, following a bout of pneumonia.  “We ask that you respect our privacy during this time and thank you for your messages of love and support.”

I have to say, this death was a pretty big bummer for me.  Hoskins played Eddie Valiant in Roger Rabbit and Smee in Hook.  Obviously Valiant was a bigger role, but both movies were staples to any 90’s childhood and remain great fodder for quotes today.  I have been racking my brain all morning and can’t seem to come up with an answer.  So lets put it up for a vote.  Which movie is better: Hook vs. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?