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To all the dirty minds out there.. #sexting

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Oh you guys thought you were getting a sexy supermodel leg show, right?  Nope you idiots!  That was just some random whale with human legs posting on a Monday night.  The joke is on the internet, I suppose.  Because I definitely didn’t just stare at that Instagram for 20 minutes straight in a very creepy manner and start wondering if I may indeed be a furry at heart.  No siree, not this guy.  That would just be weird, right?




So Larry Donnell AKA The Black Voltron shouted out this reddit thread for trying to come up with a nickname for the (soon to be) greatest tight end of all-time.  I am not here to disparage anyone, but the nickname The Don would be the most basic nickname in NFL history.  The evolutionary Black Unicorn + Megatron-esque matchup nightmare  = The Black Voltron.  It is really that simple.

So what I need everyone to do is to go to that reddit thread, Donnell’s Twitter feed, and/or Donnell’s Instagram page to let him know that you want his nickname to be Black Voltron.  If not for me, then for the criminally underrated 80s cartoon and toys that we all knew and loved.  #BlackVoltron has formed.

P.S. The Voltron song was absolute FIRE.  The first rapper to make a good song with that beat wins the rap game forever.

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I think it moved.


Also, no dibs on being the one to tell Harvey he has to pitch out of the bullpen next year.  Sorry Matthew, but when you have The 2014 NL Rookie of the Year (deGrom), The 2015 Cy Young (probably Wheeler), The Lefty (Niese), The 2015 NL Rookie of the Year (Syndergaard), and The Comedic Relief That Everyone ADORES (Fat Bart), there just isn’t any room for stud Cy Young candidates.  Oh yeah, and lets not forget Mr. Guts Dillon Gee and legit prospect Rafael Montero.  Life as a Mets fan is about to be prettyyyyy, prettyyyy, prettyyyyyy good.


We are back in sunny LaLaLand for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals.  Ron Barr tells us we are all equal going into Game 2.

The Kings draw first blood, with Robitaille putting one between the pipes on Richter.

The Robitaille goal is the difference after the First Period.

The Second Period comes and goes with no scoring.  The Goalie play has really been dialed up after Game 1.

The Captain puts the Rangers on the board by tying the game up less than 3 minutes into the Third Period.

Robitaille answers back quickly to put the Kings up once again.

With hope quickly fading for the Blueshirts, Mike Gartner comes up with a dramatic goal and ties the game up.

Shortly thereafter, Gartner scores the go-ahead goal.  Rangers up 3-2!

Mike Richter shuts down a late flurry to give the Rangers a 3-2 win, to ensure the flight to New York is a happy one.

***Real Life Note***:  So the Rangers are 2-0 in the NHL94 simulation, but 0-2 in the whole “Real Life Stanley Cup” thing.  So I guess I should be rooting for the Kings in Game 3 on NHL94.  See you all on Monday.