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(Original video for reference)

I am not sure how many people have seen the video or played Dumb Ways To Die on their phone, but I know it had like 100 billion downloads a few years ago.  The game was always a fun way to pass a couple of minutes while getting that goddamn awesome hook stuck in your head.  But whoever took that song and animated the biggest Game of Thrones deaths over it is a genius.  I thought I was hyped for tomorrow night’s premiere until I saw Khaleesi’s dickhead brother get a liquid golden crown and Joffrey die all over again.  Now I am fucking STOKED. If the trade-off is that I have to hear that song in my head until 9 PM tonight, so be it.  And sure, maybe Theon isn’t technically “dead”, but if your dick gets cut off by a raving lunatic and you now think that you are a dog, you certainly cannot be considered “alive”.

However, not all of the video was fun to watch.  #RIP to basically every Stark I ever loved except for Arya.  I flat out refuse to rewatch the Red Wedding and I turn away from the TV in the beginning of the next episode when Robb’s dead body has his dead direwolf’s head stapled on.  I need Arya’s body count to reach triple digits by the end of this season so I can feel like Ned and Robb’s deaths were properly avenged (probably not going to happen).




Anyway, here are a few more videos to whet your appetite for tonight’s premiere.

If the video above wasn’t bloody enough for you, here is every death from seasons 1-4:

Season 5 previews:

Compilation of the best Red Wedding reactions:

Arya’s reaction to the Red Wedding:

Compilation of the best reactions to Oberyn Martell getting his head popped the fuck off:

Uncut long shot from last season’s battle on The Wall:

Giants shooting giant bow and arrows:

And of course, the best show/opening sequence in TV history.  I just have this song playing on loop in my house right now.  In my defense, I am not what you would call a “cool person”.

PS- “Dumb ways to die.  So many dumb ways to die.  Dumb ways to diiiiiie.  So many dumb ways to die”.  Sorry, but you know it’s still stuck in your head.


So this “ad” has been making its rounds on the internet the last few days and it has been reported that many people actually threw their phone in the microwave like a bunch of lemmings.  Please do not feel bad for these people.  This ad should act as an unofficial IQ test.  If you don’t know that putting your phone in a microwave will ruin it, you do not deserve an iPhone.  You have to stick to landlines and pay phones.

TL; DR- If you put your phone in a microwave, you should probably stick your head in the same microwave right after it is done.


A big, hearty fuck you to the people who created this.  I am sure part of the reason they made the Selfie Brush was to get a rise out of old-school squares like myself.  Well, mission accomplished.  Because the word selfie and everything it stands for grinds the living shit out of my gears.  Apparently the iPhone 6 will not fit in the brush, so score on for the good guys.  I hope that there is a defect that leads to a ton of broken screens across America.

P.S. The last time I saw something this ridiculous was when the Shake Weight was announced.  And they went on to sell about a billion* of those handjob practice machines.  So while I may hate the idea of the Selfie Brush, I love the idea of being a millionaire.  So hats off to the inventors on likely getting rich beyond my wildest dreams.  And may Satan take no mercy on you for what you have brought into this world.

*All numbers estimated.